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The Geraldton Junior and Senior Motocross Club hosted a dynamic double header event on a track immaculately prepared which understandably roughed up over the weekend to become not only hectic but quite brutal.  There was no holds barred racing to thrill the crowd, and in the events leading up to the event, riders who were expected to do well, had to work hard for their results with crashes, injuries and mechanical issues causing a fierce point’s scramble.

The opening motos of the 2016 Make Smoking History WAMX Junior State Championships on Saturday threw up many obstacles and challenges ensuring another exciting start to the season.

The 50cc Demo class kicked off the round and the “helmets on wheels” were definitely out to impress with some future talent sure to emerge from the group of little riders battling with each other and picking up the skills with Jett Harvey, Sophie Martin, Lewis Arrowsmith, Deegan Fort, Damian Leighton, Sol Pellicano, Charlie Butler, Oscar Arrowsmith, Addison Arrowsmith, Evyn Adams, Xander Conduit, Mason Brown, Jordyn Adams, Ethan Marchant, Max Harvey, Nate Marchant, Ryley Fiford, Jake Kennaugh and Teilah Polson giving it their all for three motos.

50cc Auto

Kayden Minear (0-1-1) took a dent in the point’s championships with a mechanical issue forcing a DNF in the opening moto.  Patrick Butler (1-3-3) would secure the round win from Seth Shackleton and Cohen Guyatt picking up third. Sonny Pellicano, Indy Radcliffe and Jake Rumens would fight hard to record top five finishes.

50cc Auto Round 1 Overall Results:

1 218 PATRICK BUTLER 95      
2 665 SETH SHACKLETON 88      


65cc 7-10 Years

It has been four years since numbers allowed the running of two separate 65cc classes and the younger age group put on some top racing.  Kayden Minear, Seth Clark, Jaylee Rimbas, Deacon Paice and Tate Paganini, Patrick Butler and Jake Rumens keeping their momentum going from the 50cc class.  They banged bars and dug deep to fight for every position.  Minear (2-1-1) would take the round win from Seth Clark and Jaylee Rimbas both finishing on equal points.  Round 2 is sure to be another tough chase at Beverley!

65cc 7-10 Round 1 Overall Results

1 104 KAYDEN MINEAR 102      
2 399 SETH CLARK 90      


65cc 10-12 Years

The names of Liam Atkinson and Myles Gilmore would have to be one of the highlight duels at the opening round, riding in two classes.  They traded positions, they both crashed out, suffered highs and lows, but they put on some fantastic racing. Jake Turner Brock Flynn, Tylar Soloman, and Jake Harvey would trade positions for top five finishes, yet no-one can deny that round winner Atkinson (1-1-1) and Gilmore (2-2-2) were simply outstanding.

65cc 10-12 Years Round 1 Overall Results:

1 241 LIAM ATKINSON 105      
2 699 MYLES GILMORE 96      
3 504 JAKE TURNER 88


85/150cc 9-12 Years

Familiar names, familiar racing from both Liam Atkinson and Myles Gilmore (3-2-2) again in this class but it would be Carnarvon rider Kaj Radcliffe (1-3-3) who would break through to take the round win from Gilmore second and Liam Atkinson picking up the last two moto wins and salvage his points with third overall.  Declan Gibbings, Brock Flynn, Jake Turner and Bailey Smith were all big improvers coming into this round and are bound to feature highly as the season goes forward.

85/150cc 9-12 Years Round 1 Overall Results:

1 370 KAJ RADCLIFFE 95      
2 699 MYLES GILMORE 94      


85/150cc 12-16 Years

It was a talented stacked field in this class, and that class act was Corben Weinert who sealed the round win with a (1-1-1) perfect scorecard, behind him he would become a four way battle for a place on the box.  Brady Gilmore, Conan Forrester, Seth Manuel and Rhys Burnett were on the charge with Cody Chittick in the first moto.  They slugged it out with Gilmore picking up second and the comeback kid Conan Forrester securing third on his home track.

85/150cc 12-16 Years Round 1 Overall Results:

1 14 CORBEN WEINERT 105      
2 29 BRADY GILMORE 94      

Juniors r1 2016


100cc-125cc 13-15 Years


The cream rises to the top, and Mat Fabry wrapped up round 1 with a clean sweep of all three motos from Regan Duffy and Corben Weinert who finished on equal points with Conan Forrester.  There is some talent in this class for sure with Jacob Daniels, the much improved Jack Court, Evan Browne, Seth Manuel Ben Sainsbury and Tahlia O’Hare.

100cc-125cc 13-15 Years Round 1 Overall Results:


1 102 MAT FABRY 105      
2 118 REGAN DUFFY 96      
3 14 CORBEN WEINERT 84      


100cc-125cc 15 Years

When Caleb Grothues (0-1-1) DNF the opening moto through mechanical issues, Mitchell Outram (1-2-2) seized the opportunity to take the race win and the top of the podium for round 1.  Billy Middleton was on the gas on the Husqvarna to secure second from Yamaha mounted Kai Stephen who rode hard for third place.  Riley Stephens, Austin Ridley, Sam Baxter, Steve Fairham and Ben Tredinnick, Lewis Moloney and Kurt Oinn would trade places for a top ten place in the series.

100cc-125cc 15 Years Round 1 Overall Results:

1 62 MITCHELL OUTRAM 99      
2 61 BILLY MIDDLETON 90      



128cc-150cc/250cc 13-16 Years


A faultless ride by Caleb Grothues (1-1-1) had him secure the round win from Regan Duffy and Mat Fabry who both finished on equal points.  Billy Middleton, Kai Stephen, Kurt Oinn, Riley Stephens, Ryan Copley, Nathan Rogers and Kyle Gillespie would feature prominently across the day with a second moto DNF hampering the overall results of Mitch Outram.  The depth in this class will continue the rise as the season unfolds and with confidence growing the Junior Lites will again continue to foster and promote the talent that has become a solid proving ground as riders start to head toward senior ranks in the next couple of seasons.

128cc-150cc/250cc 13-16 Years Round 1 Overall Results:

1 60 CALEB GROTHUES 105      
2 118 REGAN DUFFY 92      
3 102 MAT FABRY 92

Grothues r1 2016

The next round of the juniors heads to the hardpacked surface of Beverley on June 12th, with all riders keen to build on the opening round results, the season is well and truly rolling onto another bumper series.

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