Ryan Lancaster, photo by True Spirit Photos

WAMX are pleased to announce the Quad Only State Round will be held at Bunbury Motorcycle Club on May 5th, 2013.

Due to the Quad Nationals being held on the same weekend as our final round, September 15th, this year, WAMX have been trying to find a location to hold a round of Quad Championships.

This round will include the Junior Quad Championships, Womens Quad Championships and Veteran Quad Championships as well as the Quad Championship and the Clubman Quads too

For the past few years, the Womens, Vets & Junior Quads have been included at various open events held around the state and WAMX are pleased that they will all come together at one venue.

Bunbury track is a great track and is always well received by riders and the spectators love it. See you all there.

Entries close 21st April 2013 – Entries are available via the link on our events page.