Championships were decided at Bunbury when the Smarter Than Smoking Healthways WAMX Quad State Championship hit the deep sands in the South West of WA.

The stand- alone round also incorporated the second round of the Clubman and Pro Quad championships.

The Women’s championship was dominated by Simone Gaisford (1-1-1) who picked up another championship to ad to her growing championship collection. Teniel Morgan (2-2-2) despite picking up a holeshot, and early race lead, was unable to come close to Gaisford. Morgan picked up second in the championship as Bernice Ackerman, who came out of retirement to take the third step of the podium after her consistent third place results (3-3-3).

The 90cc-125cc 9-13 years had two wins and a second place to Matthew Lee with Jack Wilcox taking the opening moto win. With Caelan Campione and Wesley Taylor-Lles consistently battling for a podium finish inside the top five. Matthew Lee took the championship (2-1-1) ahead of Jack Wilcox on the second step of the podium and emerging talent for the Women’s class in future years, Darcy Wortley who picked up third place in the championship.

A special mention to youngster Josh McQuade, in the 90cc class. Josh was the sole competitor who held his own with the bigger bikes. He can expect a special medallion for his efforts at Bunbury.

Anthony Pearce came into the round leading the Pro Quad Championship ahead of Luke Gaisford (out injured) and Chris Bosnakis. Fresh from his win at the MX Nationals, Chris Bosnakis led the charge in the first moto with Pearce coming through to pick up second, and Brad Filbey in third place. Shaun Woodhead and Patrick McNally came through to finish in the top five. Moto two had the win go to Pearce on his home track after Bosnakis who was leading, came unstuck. Despite being a couple of laps down, Bosnakis came through to pick up 13th place and salvage some vital championship points, Filbey picked up second with Mat Robbins in third place.

Bosnakis took the holeshot in moto three despite a first corner pile up which saw some of the contenders having to battle their way through the field. Pearce came through in second place with Shaun Woodhead in third, Tyron Robertson fourth and Mat Robbins in fifth place. Anthony Pearce took the win and maintains the red plate and his lead in the championship by virtue of his (2-1-2) results Chris Bosnakis finished second overall (1-13-1) and Brad Filbey picked up third (3-2-7).

The clubman quad came into this second round fresh from their Kalgoorlie victory led by Anton Versaci leading Jonathan Mosby, Jeff Hogan, and Daniel Soltoggio. Versaci came out firing in moto one before mechanical issues put an end to his day he was able to limp home in second place behind Zac Sarafimoski and James Rush. With Versaci out, the day was dominated by Sarafimoski (1-1-1) ahead of Daniel Soltoggio (4-2-2), and Luke Johnson who took home third overall for the day ahead of battles from James Rush and Colin Balshaw.

The 200cc Junior Blasters belonged to Aston Oliver who took a clean sweep to be crowned champion for 2013, runner up went to Campbell Taylor-Lles (2-2-3) with third step of the podium to Adam Filbey. Further in the pack the talents of James Ognenis, Connor Wortley, Adam Filbey and Jack Wilcox shone through.

The veterans class was dominated in the first two motos by Michael Harcourt with Dave Harris, Darryl Maragoni, Richard Maxted and Jeff Hogan. Harcourt’s first two wins and a second in the final race saw him crowned champion with Dave Harris (2-2-1) second and Darryl Maragoni (3-3-3) rounding out the podium.

The Bunbury Motorcycle Club hosted another outstanding event and the promoters and organising committee of the WAMX, ensuring the promotion of the sport. Round three of the Pro and Clubman Quads heads to Byford as part of the senior state round on May 26th.

2013 Championship Results

Womens Quads
1st Simone Gaisford
2nd Teniel Morgan
3rd Bernice Ackerman

Junior 90cc-125cc
1st Matthew Lee
2nd Jack Wilcox
3rd Darcy Wortley

Junior 200cc-300cc
1st Aston Oliver
2nd Campbell Taylor-Lles
3rd Adam Filbey

1st Michael Harcourt
2nd Dave Harris
3rd Darryl Maragoni

Round 2 Overall Results

Quad Championship
1st Anthony Pearce
2nd Chris Bosnakis
3rd Adam Filbey

Clubman Quad
1st Zac Sarafimoski
2nd Daniel Soltoggio
3rd Luke Johnson

Full results

Top Image: Anthony Pearce took the round win, further extending his Pro Quad Championship lead at Bunbury. Pic: True Spirit Photos
Article: Nicki Shea-Howell