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The cold autumn chill brought forward extra layers and a chance to warm-up for Round 2 of the 2019 WAMX Make Smoking History Senior State Motocross Championships. Sunday the 19th of May, senior riders came out to play…hard. A new track designed at Henley Park in Byford was hardpack and plenty of ruts formed over the racing but at the end of the day there were riders securing a podium finish. With those competitors who were itching to rip up the new track to those who already knew what to do in their moto’s, it was safe to say that it was anyone’s game that day. Tight turns and lots of jumps to accomplish Round 2 brought out the best in all. From a warm coffee to ease the frost forming on the hands to the tasty meat roll for lunch; plenty to do and see at Lightweight Motorcycle Club for Round 2 of the Seniors.

The NR Metal Recycling MX1 class was dominated again by none other than champion rider Regan Duffy. The moto’s and sprints on the day saw plenty of changes between positions of fourth onwards; at least everyone was able to push a front of someone on the day. One look at Mylaps and there are plenty of extra squiggle lines on the lap chart that could be described as a young child’s colouring book for how the MX1 class went. None the less, riding was fierce and there’s more determination as Round 3 approaches.

1st        #72 Regan Duffy
2nd         #5 Josh Adams
3rd       #57 Charlie Creech

Doubling up his podium win Regan Duffy secured another first place for the Motul and Pirelli MX2 Class. While first, second and third place already had a few competitors in the mix, many of the other riders were fighting battles of their own to secure a good position within the moto’s and sprint laps. Changes from eighteenth to ninth and plenty between positions after twentieth saw competitive racing overall, so no matter where you were looking on the day, great racing was all about.

1st        #72 Regan Duffy
2nd         #42 Corban Weinert
3rd       #601 Conan Forrester

The Amateur Cup did not disappoint on the day. From changes of the positions of first, second, third and fourth in moto 1 for the Amateur’s there was no knowing who might be on the podium at the end of the day. Moto 2 saw everyone finally get a grip on how there were racing and what to do to show off their skills finely. It seemed as though the riders managed to group themselves into three’s with each of them chopping and changing positions again, again and again.

1st        #319 Stefan Weiszbach
2nd         #396 Jacob Whately
3rd       #273 Declan Hepworth

The Beautiful Kitchen Designs and Diamond Designs Masters Class saw Trevor Unstead secure another win for himself and also another first place for two rounds so far now, while also managing to fend off rival racers through the moto’s and sprints on the day. Some changes here and there but overall clean racing from the riders on the day. Not to say the ruts were a struggle, but many were able to push through to the end.

1st        #142 Trevor Unstead
2nd         #375 Brett Graham
3rd       #394 Glen Biffin

Ben Hothersall took out the Beautiful Kitchen Designs and Diamond Designs Veterans class. Following closely behind was Ben Shingler and Aaron Chircop. Some amazing racing brought out by the veterans; it is always a class to watch at the state round championships series. More tight turns and certain hardpack sections certainly tested the skills of these riders, however many fought it through and made it to see the ever lovely black and white chequered flag.

1st        #919 Ben Hothersall
2nd         #129 Ben Shingler
3rd       #164 Aaron Chirco

In the Brutum Logistics Quad Class, Chris Bosnakis dominated the day and took home first place and is still the remaining points leader for the 2019 series. The small corners and new track tested the quads with many trying to find their place. A lot of jumps to conquest, but riders brought forward everything that they had to finish the day on a great win for all. If by the end of the day, your quad was covered in red and orange dirt, then it’s safe to say you rode hard and well.

1st        #1 Chris Bosnakis
2nd         #20 Jacob Bosustow
3rd       #37 Jae Dowsett

It was Kara Cats who landed number one position at the end for the Cully’s Yamaha Women’s Class. Hannah Bagnall was close on her tail though with not even a second to spare in the moto’s; Megan Bagnall followed straight up next to her sister eager to catch her to the last minute. The women’s class saw some fantastic racing with those returning for round 2 of the series and also those new having a go at the new track and also racing in a state series. Twelve women lined up at the gates, eager to make their names known and to get more racing under their belt. We are looking forward to more for round 3 of the seniors.

1st        #655 Kara Cats
2nd         #623 Hannah Bagnall
3rd       #4 Megan Bagnall

While many of the classes had familiar winning riders with podium finishes, it was great to see new faces in second and third positions. Don’t forget there are still four more remaining rounds of the WAMX Make Smoking History State Senior Motocross Championships Series, so there is plenty of more competitive racing to come. With probably some new and old faces securing spots on the podium. What a great day to be had for the Sunday 19th of May at Lightweight Motorcycle Club, lots of smiles laughs and holding of the breath moments, but it was all in good spirits to see everyone having an awesome time. See you all at Round 3 of the series at Collie on June 16th.

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