KTM riders Louis Calvin and Reece Colgan both took the round wins in MX1 and MX2 respectively on Sunday with Anthony Pearce extending his lead in the Quad Championships at the third round of the 2013 Smarter Than Smoking Healthways WAMX State Championships at Bunbury.

It was a case of rain, rain and more rain throughout the day, and the tough sand circuit held up remarkably well as Calvin was unstoppable with three race wins cementing his place in the title chase in the Pro Open/MX1. Reece Colgan took the final Pro Lite/MX2 moto win for maximum points in a display of near perfect riding in the soft wet sand of the South West Shrubland Park circuit.

It was also a solid day for the Quad Championships with Anthony Pearce finishing first overall with Chris Bosnakis second and Tyron Robertson in third.

Pro Open

In the Pro Open/MX class, series leader Louis Calvin put on a stunning display of sand riding at Bunbury. Whilst Calvin was not able to capitalise on starts, he made up the ground where and when required.

Moto 1

Mitch Taylor (Mandurah City Yamaha) signalled his intentions early grabbing the holeshot with Josh Adams (KTM/Herb Watson Racing) in pursuit and Louis Calvin (Mandurah City KTM) in third. Calvin carved through the field taking over second place and taking the moto lead after only one lap, and continued to build on his lead. He was never headed and went on to take the win ahead of Josh Adams, Paul Humbertson (Mandurah City KTM), Stevie Heilers (MotoX Fit/KTM), Mitch Taylor, Kyle Webster (Wellard/CLAAS CullysYamaha), Luke Davis (Five Star Yamaha) and Brett Norton (South City Honda).

Moto 2

Moto 2 had Stevie Heilers bolting out of the gates into the early lead on board the KTM with Kyle Webster, Josh Adams, Louis Calvin and Luke Davis. It didn’t take long before Calvin made his move through the field and took over the moto lead and built a substantial 22 second lead to go on and take the win ahead of Heilers, Josh Adams, Mitch Taylor, Luke Davis, Paul Humbertson, David Birch, Charlie Creech and Damon Gibbons.

Moto 3

Moto 3 had the holeshot to Mitch Taylor with Calvin into second and Luke Davis into third place with Stevie Heilers close behind. By the end of lap one Calvin made the pass on Mitch Taylor and went on to a 28 second lead over Luke Davis in second, Kyle Webster in third, Paul Humbertson in fourth, Josh Adams fifth, Stevie Heilers and David Birch. Calvin was able to lap back to eleventh place. While at the moment series leader Calvin (1-1-1) is the undisputed best sand rider in the WAMX championship series, second place today Josh Adams (2-3-5)now has to put his head down and prove he is just as strong on the sand surfaces with Stevie Heilers (4-2-6) picking up third place on the podium at Bunbury.

Pro Lite

The Pro Lites/MX2 top step on the podium today went to Reece Colgan with Josh Adams second and Brody Fewster picking up third place on a surface that is not his favourite, on a day when riders had to contend with stinging rain and restricted visibility.

Moto 1

2011 champ David Birch (TRS Racing/KTM) took the holeshot with Craig Bolton (Five Star Yamaha) into second, Charlie Creech (No Limits Moto/Kawasaki) third, whilst Josh Adams, Tim Bell (Bunbury Kawasaki), Jayden Rykers (Mandurah City KTM)and Dylan Sexton (South City Honda) went down. Birch was sensational on the 2 stroke with Kyle Webster (Wellard/CLAAS Cullys Yamaha) and Robbo Lovett (West Coast Honda)coming into contention early. The track took its toll with Birch going down allowing Craig Bolton to take the lead with Brody Fewster (Sun City Motorcycles/KTM)into the top three and Robbo Lovett in fourth. By moto end it was Craig Bolton with the win ahead of Robbo Lovett, Reece Colgan (Team McDonalds Bunbury KTM), Brody Fewster, Charlie Creech and Josh Adams.

Moto 2

Lightning fast start had Josh Adams out with the holeshot but Reece Colgan took advantage and passed Adams into the lead and was never headed with Josh Adams into second, Robbo Lovett went down dashing his hopes of a top five finish. Kyle Webster, Body Cassidy and Jayden Rykers fought out the battle for third place. By moto end it was Colgan over the line for the win ahead of Adams and Jayden Rykers through in third position David Birch in fourth and Charlie Creech in fifth.

Moto 3

David Birch had the early lead after the holeshot with Reece Colgan, Josh Adams and Brody Fewster into contention. Jayden Rykers made the move on Fewster and with that mechanical issues had Birch’s bike stop which allowed Josh Adams through for the win ahead of Reece Colgan, Jayden Rykers, Brody Fewster and Dylan Heard. By virtue of his (3-1-2) Reece Colgan took the round win, Josh Adams (6-2-1) picked up second and the championship series lead with Brody Fewster third for the day (3-7-4)

Reece Colgan took his team to their first podium in the Pro Lites, whilst Josh Adams turned in two near perfect motos on what he says is one of his not so preferred tracks to pick up a red plate for his collection. Brody Fewster was delighted with his third place for the day.

Pro Quad

In the Quad Championship it was another day and another class where the points were really shaken up. Luke Gaisford took out the first moto win ahead of Chris Bosnakis and series leader Anthony Pearce, Tyron Robertson and Lindsay MacDonnell. An interesting start to moto 2 had the race win to Pearce ahead of Bosnakis with Luke Gaisford retiring his #2 machine with a DNF. Shaun Woodhead came through in third ahead of Robertson, and Patrick McNally.

The final moto had a comprehensive win to Gaisford ahead of Woodhead, Robertson, MacDonnell and Pearce. Engine trouble for Bosnakis saw him limp home in the points in 11th position. Anthony Pearce maintains the red plate as series leader and the round win with a 3-1-5 scorecard, Chris Bosnakis finished second for the day (2-2-11) with Tyron Robertson third for the day (4-4-3) .

Louis Calvin: “I just rode three smart races with little mistakes. I struggled with my start that is something we will look at but I had really good speed, the bike set up was sweet, and my fitness and training have been paying off. I want that number 1 plate.”

Anthony Pearce: “I knew was going to be a tough day, but I am really happy to be on the podium and the series leader in my rookie year in the Quad Championship. I could not have done it without the support of my sponsors, my parents and sister and the great racing this season”.

The next WAMX State Round heads to the sands of Coastal Park Henderson next month.

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Article: Nicki Shea-Howell
Images: True Spirit Photos