WAMX pioneering and trail blazing in new changes to Scrutineering.

A change in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport in scrutineering for Senior riders competing in Senior State Motocross Championships has prompted WAMX to get hard to work to implement.

We are proud to announce that as of our First Round at Manjimup this year we will be implementing Self Scrutineering. Much time and effort has been put into this, and after much discussion with MWA and MA putting policies and procedures into place hope that it will be a welcome change for the competitors.

All Senior Competitors will receive a form in their final instructions that they will need to print off and compete (both sides) and bring to sign in with their helmets, jersey/armour for proof of back numbers and boots. A Scrutineer will still need to sign off on these items as stated on the form. A form will need to be done for each bike whether it is your race bike or spare. The form will also be available on our website or at sign-in.

If at any time a rider feels that they would prefer a Scrutineer to inspect their bike in place of self-scrutinnering then please let the race sec know at sign in and they will assign a scrutineer to inspect for you in lieu of self scrutineering and with no prejudice.

Scrutineers will be performing spot checks on self-scrutineered bikes, this could be done at any time of the day, but at a time that will allow a rider/mech to repair faults if needed before they need to get to the start of their next heat.

For any questions you may have please contact us via email wamxtreasurer@gmail.com for confidentiality.

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