Coastal Park in Henderson ensured a fantastic crowd was on hand, with plenty of media exposure during the weeks prior to round four’s unbelievable WAMX Smarter Than Smoking State Championship action. The Coastal Park track was amazing, with dozens of great spots to see some of the season’s best racing.

A cool winters day with not a rain cloud in sight, greeted the riders on an immaculately prepared sand circuit.

In the Pro Open/MX1 class, Louis Calvin came into the round as the series leader and was as determined as ever to take the Round win.

Moto 1
The opening moto had Stevie Heilers with the holeshot but the moto would be all Calvin’s he grabbed the early lead and was able to cross the chequers 23 seconds ahead of second placed Kyle Webster, Josh Adams who came through in third place, Craig Bolton, Stevie Heilers and Paul Humbertson rounding out the top five.

Moto 2
Mitch Taylor steamed out of the gates for the holeshot, he was able to hold the lead for a few laps before going down, he wasn’t the only rider to come to grief Louis Calvin put the bike down allowing Paul Humbertson the moto lead. Calvin bounced back and took over the lead and went on to take the win ahead of Humbertson, Kyle Webster, Mitch Taylor, Josh Adams and Luke Davis.

Moto 3
Stevie Heilers got the early jump with the holeshot. Louis Calvin took over the lead momentarily, yet again came to grief crashing in the tough conditions. Calvin had his work cut out for him able to take over the moto lead coming back from 8th place to win the moto by 8 seconds over Stevie Heilers in second, Josh Adams third, Kyle Webster, Luke Davis and Paul Humbertson home for fifth.

The day and round was won by Louis Calvin ahead of Kyle Webster and Josh Adams.

The Pro Lites/MX2 had Josh Adams as the series leader with Jayden Rykers in second. There would be three different moto winners for the day.

Moto 1
Dylan Heard took all by surprise by pulling the holeshot and Robbo Lovett put all on notice taking the first moto win ahead of Josh Adams, Kyle Webster, David Birch and Craig Bolton.

Moto 2
The race belonged to Kyle Webster with Reece Colgan second, Charlie Creech, Josh Adams and Robbo Lovett rounding out the top five. Jayden Rykers finished seventh. Both Craig Bolton and David Birch crashed out of the moto and DNF.

Moto 3
Series leader Josh Adams bounced back when it counted and took the last race win with Robbo Lovett picking up second ahead of Kyle Webster, Reece Colgan, Charlie Creech and Craig Bolton.

The round win went to Josh Adams from Kyle Webster, despite both riders tied on 65 points, with Robbo Lovett picking up third for the day.

The Quad Championship headed into the penultimate round with Anthony Pearce leading the series and Chris Bosnakis in second.

Moto 1
On his home track, Luke Gaisford leapt out of the gates and into the holeshot, before Chris Bosnakis came through to take the lead and go on for the race win ahead of Gaisford and Anthony Pearce, Mat Robbins and Shaun Woodhead.

Moto 2
The results belonged to Chris Bosnakis who took the moto by the scruff of the neck, Luke Gaisford used every part of the track but was unable to make the pass. Bosnakis through first ahead of Gaisford, Anthony Pearce, Tyron Robertson and Patrick McNally. Contender Mat Robbins was a DNF.

Moto 3
The final moto had Bosnakis out of the gates and the early lead with Luke Gaisford in hot pursuit, a mistake by Bosnakis almost sent the rider over the bars, and allowed Gaisford through for the moto win by some 20 plus seconds with Bosnakis in second, Shaun Woodhead third, Tyron Robertson and Anthony Pearce rounding out fifth place.

Chris Bosnakis took the top step of the podium for the round win ahead of Luke Gaisford and Anthony Pearce. The results now have series lead Pearce hanging on by 11 points over Bosnakis in second and Shaun Woodhead in third. This will make the final round for the Quads at Noble Falls next month as exciting as the entire season in this class.

Coastal Park proved a big success for motocross fans and WAMX alike. Next month the series heads to the BSA club at Noble Falls for Round 5, which will see the Womens Class return with Jessica Moore leading the class ahead of Chelsea Blakers and Shelley Connor.

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Article: Nicki Shea-Howell
Images: True Spirit Photos