[anything-box title=”WAMX Junior Championship”]
Round 1  Goldfields MCC – Kalgoorlie 19th April
Round 2 Bunbury MCC – Bunbury 18th May
Round 3 Lightweight MCC – Byford 29th June
Round 4 WA Jnr MCC – Chidlow 27th July
Round 5 Coastal MCC – Henderson 17th August
Round 6 Wanneroo Jnr MCC – Wanneroo 14th September

[anything-box title=”WAMX Senior Championship”]
Round 1 Coastal MCC  – Henderson 6th April
Round 2 Goldfields MCC – Kalgoorlie 20th April
Round 3 Bunbury MCC  – Bunbury 15th June
Round 4 Geraldton MCC – Geraldton 6th July
Round 5 Lightweight MCC  – Byford 10th August
Round 6 BSA MCC –  Noble Falls 21st September

[anything-box title=”Quad and 2-Stroke Championship”]
Round 1 Lightweight MCC, Byford 20th July
Round 2 Bunbury MCC, Bunbury 17th August

The Championship Regulations are available for download on the Event page.