It is a formidable mixture, heavy rain, more heavy rain, undulating terrain and dirt, the mixture resulted in slush, mud and more mud for the 4th Round of the Make Smoking History WAMX Junior State Championships, held in extreme conditions in the Perth hills at Chidlow on Sunday July 31st.



With the weather and track conditions, came the scramble for points in the championships, and this round was a smorgasboard of surprise results, which have shaken up the series standings, making the next two rounds absolutely crucial for competitors.


50cc Auto

There were different moto winners for the day with Sonny Pellicano the surprise package taking the top step of the podium from series leader Kayden Minear who finished second and Jai Love picking up third for the day.  With both Patrick Butler and Jake Rumens having disappointing first moto results, and Seth Shackleton picking up a points only in the last moto of the day, the results have taken a slight dent for these contenders.  Minear maintains a 34 point lead as the series leader

.Seth Shacklton Holeshot

Season Standings After 4 Rounds

1 104 KAYDEN MINEAR 366                                    
2 218 PATRICK BUTLER 332                                    
3 111 SONNY PELLICANO 324                                    
4 547 JAKE RUMENS 313                                    







65cc 7-10 Years

Taking the round win with a perfect scorecard (1-1-1) Seth Clark topped the podium and narrowed the points chase down to only 20 points from series leader Kayden Minear picking up second and Tate Paganini’s consistency securing third overall for the day. Kai McGinty, Seth Shackleton, Max Devery, Patrick Butler, Taj Moore, Jett Matthews and Jordan White were all terrific and recorded strong results in tough conditions for the smaller capacity bikes.

Season Standings After 4 Rounds

1 104 KAYDEN MINEAR 397                                    
2 399 SETH CLARK 377                                    
3 520 TATE PAGANINI 330                                    
4 621 DEACON PAICE 307                                    


65cc 10-12 Years

Liam Atkinson (2-1-1) took the round win and the title chase is now down to two points from Myles Gilmore who secured the second step on the box today with Brock Flynn taking third place.  Racing for the top five throughout the day were Harrison Tapper, Seann Arrowsmith, Tylar Soloman and Jake Harvey all of whom have recorded strong results for the season thus far.            

Season Standings After 4 Rounds

1 699 MYLES GILMORE 396                                    
2 241 LIAM ATKINSON 394                                    
3 136 TYLAR SOLOMON 320                                    
4 504 JAKE TURNER 308                                    



85/150cc 9-12 Years

They never fail to deliver the goods, Liam Atkinson and Myles Gilmore have been outstanding all season.  Round 4 results were secured by Liam Atkinson over Gilmore in second and Brock Flynn holding firm to secure third for the day.  Myles Gilmore now holds a 12 point lead in the series standings from Atkinson, and with the next two rounds alternating between sand and hardpacked -rest assured they are races not to be missed.


Season Standings After 4 Rounds

1 699 MYLES GILMORE 395                                    
2 241 LIAM ATKINSON 383                                    
3 382 BROCK FLYNN 343                                    
4 370 KAJ RADCLIFFE 329                                    


85/150cc 12-16 Years

Series leader Brady Gilmore put his injury concerns aside as he took the round win on countback after finishing on equal points with Conan Forrester who would pick up second and Rhys Burnett securing third overall.  Birthday boy Corben Weinert was is in contention securing strong moto results early on before his day took a dive in the last race, denting his championship hopes.  Seth Manuel, Sam Stephen and Zack Restifo, would hold steady in the extremely tough conditions.







Season Standings After 4 Rounds

1 29 BRADY GILMORE 390                                    
2 14 CORBEN WEINERT 356                                    
3 311 RHYS BURNETT 355                                    
4 601 CONAN FORRESTER 349                                    


100cc-125cc 13-15 Years

Regan Duffy was in sensational form recording the round win with a perfect scorecard (1-1-1), Corben Weinert would secure second overall and Jacob Daniels rod exceptionally well to record third for the day.  Duffy now holds a 6 point lead in the series with two rounds left in the championships this class could come down to the last races of the year to determine the champ.

Season Standings After 4 Rounds

1 118 REGAN DUFFY 368                                    
2 14 CORBEN WEINERT 362                                    
3 220 JACOB DANIELS 325                                    
4 212 EVAN BROWNE 279                                    







100cc-125cc 15 Years

They have battled all season, and they battled all day slipping and sliding for the podium places and Billy Middleton (1-3-1) secured the round win by one point from hard charging Mitch Outram (2-1-2) and Kurt Oinn third overall for the round.  With a 19 point lead, Mitch Outram holds the red plate as the series leader.  Sam Baxter, Austin Ridley and Steve Fairham would fight out the remaining places in the top five across the day, with both Baxter and Ridley continuing the season battle in the standings.


Season Standings After 4 Rounds

1 62 MITCHELL OUTRAM 398                                    
2 61 BILLY MIDDLETON 379                                    
3 96 KURT OINN 326                                    
4 65 AUSTIN RIDLEY 311                                    

Mitch Outram in Action

128cc-150cc/250cc 13-16 Years

A perfect scorecard to Billy Middleton (1-1-1) has him not only on the top step as the round win, but bagged a suitable amount of points to streak ahead as the series leader heading into the final two rounds.  Mitch Outram (2-3-3) joined him on the podium for second overall and Regan Duffy securing the remaining step on the podium to record third place.  Kurt Oinn, Chris Wheeler, Jack Patchett and Tahlia O’Hare were all sensational in some brutal conditions which tested rider, machine and the patience of the pit crews as the days three races were outstanding, with riders digging deep when it counted.








Billy Middleton on the charge from Regan Duffy




It was a very tough and long day at Chidlow, as mother nature shook up the round’s racing and also the results of many riders.  It proves that consistency is the key, and results can never be certain, as the sport continues to throw up opportunities of soaring high’s and crushing lows.

The next exciting instalment the Make Smoking History WAMX Junior State Championships, round 5, heads to the sands of Wanneroo Junior’s on August 28th.

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Upcoming rounds:

Wanneroo Junior Motorcycle Club – Pinjar Park – Wanneroo 28th August – Junior Quad Round
Lightweight Motorcycle Club – Henley Park – Byford – 17th Sept – Junior Quad round






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