The 7th of July was an action-packed day for the Seniors who competed at Round 4 of the WAMX Make Smoking History State Motocross Championship Series. From a literally mud slide that kept pushing riders to their limits to unfamiliar territory with some riders not knowing the track layout on the day. Fun was had though with many enjoying the extra dirt and atmosphere that was all around on the day. A great effort put in by Cranbrook District Motorcycle Club, fellow volunteers, officials, families and riders for making the weekend of motocross awesome.


Home sweet home for champion MX rider Tahlia O’Hare and she made it sweet too; finishing first in all of the races for the Cully’s Yamaha Women’s Class. The first race saw a steady pace between Tahlia O’Hare, Kara Cats and Hannah Bagnall while Megan Bagnall and Storme Green had a battle of their own. In a pack of their own Teleisha Outram, Tahlia Lang and Charlie Blee pushed hard to make it through but Teleisha came out on top. Not to be outdone, Jasmin Clark found motivation and went through the second race to find herself securing eight position above Tahlia Lang. Megan Bagnall moved herself from sixth position to fourth while Hannah went from fourth to third place. The last race saw the women keep their pace and many choosing to keep their calm as well with all of the riders keeping the same positions throughout. The final podium placers at the end of the day was Tahlia O’Hare in first, Kara Cats in second and Hannah Bagnall in third.

1st Tahlia O’Hare #625
2nd Kara Cats #655
3rd Hannah Bagnall #623


Impressive racing from the NR Metal Recycling MX1 class. Not to be outdone and while also putting on a tremendous show for all the spectator’s, Regan Duffy claimed first place in all of the races. The first race saw an incredible effort by Josh Adams and Luke Davis to place second and third however it was David Birch in the end who made a quick shift and overtook Josh Adams to win third place in race one. Grand effort by Dylan Sexton who came from thirteenth to secure seventh while the mud in the first race might have got to Anthony Rubotham and Steven Pocock with those riders dropping a few positions. Racing was ideal in the second moto with those riders in first to at least ninth getting a grip on the track to keeping it real. Others further down the pack though seemed to have struggled a little. Chris Errey though pulled himself up and came from twenty-first to twelfth while Cameron Willsher and Caleb Mills kept a splendid straight eighteenth and nineteenth. The last race of the day saw a few struggling to get through the last laps, but many were still happy to finish and see the wave of the chequered flag. Final podium placers were Regan Duffy in first, Josh Adams in second and David Birch in third.

1st Regan Duffy #72
2nd Josh Adams #5
3rd David Birch #1


While having the extra set of wheels meant a little more stability for the quad riders on the heavy track, that doesn’t mean that they still didn’t cop it. Racing was striking for the Brutum Logistics Quad Class, race one saw Connor Owen rise from the depths and move up by three positions; Anthony Case and Flynn Burton shifted around a few times while Justin Langridge and Ashleigh Curedale fired it out between themselves. The second race saw Chris Bosnakis keeping it grand with no complications to his first place, while Jakob Bosustow had a few problems but easily redeemed himself to came back to second. Sienna Comito and Connor Owen had a riff, but Connor succeeded to secure seventh and Sienna in eighth. The last race of the day might have claimed a few however all were still holding their strength for the last bit of racing. A few Passovers between Michael Murphy and Flynn burton while Caelan Campione managed to not get into any drama and place sixth. Zane Gregory might have come seventh but that doesn’t mean he didn’t put up a fight with Connor Owen who claimed fifth position. Final podium placers were Chris Bosnakis in first, Jakob Bosustow in second and Michael Murphy in third.

1st Chris Bosnakis #1
2nd Jakob Bosustow #20
3rd Michael Murphy #41

Amateur Cup

Dynamic racing from those who competed in the Amateur Cup Class. The first moto put Declan Hepworth in first with Jaxon Hawily and Jarrod Smith fighting for second and third. Jayden Francis and Jacob Jones kept it easy with a steady sixth and seventh position while Daniel Wright pushed himself to the front, with Andrea Monti and Barrie Baynes followed suit. In the second moto Jarrod Smith rode in front and claimed first place while Stefan Weiszbach maintained third. Judd Spurling found motivation and pushed into twelfth while Barry Murphy kept seventeenth with Jack Fuller closely behind. The third and last race of the day saw the pack of Taine Kings, Ben Treloar, Jayden Francis, Jacob Jones, Brandon Campbell and Judd Spurling change positions quite a few times while at the back Matt O’Loughlin, Daniel Wright, Jack Fuller, Barry Murphy, Jayden Comito and Andrea Monti had battles of their own. Final podium placers were Jarrod Smith in first, Declan Hepworth in second and Stefan Weiszbach in third.

1st Jarrod Smith #246
2nd Declan Hepworth #273
3rd Stefan Weiszbach #319


The Motul and Pirelli MX2 Class did not disappoint with breathtaking racing from those riders hitting the new track. Regan Duffy and Rhys Burnett kept to themselves in moto one on the day with first and second position while it was on from young and old from the position of third onwards. This class made for spectacular viewing if you were a spectator on the day; who knows who would have come where in the end! Great effort from Corben Weinert who accelerated himself to third position from eleventh. Dylan Hennessey had some trouble securing his fourth position while Braydon Baynes and Brayden Hahn had some fighting to get to their desired places. Race two saw most of the riders ease themselves onto the track without difficulty but some did have trouble in the mud. Dylan Fernihough and Tom Lilly got onto it and rose above to move up a few positions while Jamie Higgs, Benn Atthowe and Erhard Pajewski had a hard time maintaining their places but still saw the chequered flag at the end. Fighting to the very end for all riders in the MX2 Class, the last race saw a few struggling to keep up their good posture in the mud, but all pulled through and gave it their best to see the day end at Cranbrook. Final podium placers were Regan Duffy in first, Corben Weinert in second and Rhys Burnett in third.

1st Regan Duffy #72
2nd Corben Weinert #42
3rd Rhys Burnett #14


The Beautiful Kitchen Designs and Diamond Designs Masters Class was strong for Round 4 at Cranbrook. The first moto was a test run for some riders with many not even racing the track before, however all were eager to get the engines running. Trevor Unstead had a good run with Brett Graham also not having that much difficulty moving forward positions. Marc Payne dropped behind as well as Michel Drean, but Peter Freight and Barrie Baynes had a good run out on the muddy surface. Race two kept a few busy with most riders finding their feet and pushing to see where they could go. Some changes here and there, however race three saw those who were willing to fight to the end for the top places. Final podium placers were Trevor Unstead in first, Brett Graham in second and Marc Payne in third.

1st Trevor Unstead #142
2nd Brett Graham #375
3rd Marc Payne #576


The Beautiful Kitchen Designs and Diamond Designs Veterans Class demonstrated what they had on the Sunday. While being mixed with the Master’s many proved worthy and found themselves in good positions on the day. Ben Hothersall kept a good pace in race one with Aaron Chircop and Paul Smitherson changing twice for second and third place. Luke Rowe, Martin Costa, Peter Smeathers Timothy Warr, Neil Mahon, Shane McCullaugh and Benji Dawson had a good race while Ben Skidmore fell to the back. Race two saw Aaron Chircop this time out in front, unfortunately Ben Hothersall only managed a lap; Paul Smithson then came in and secured second place. Ben came back for race three and took out first place with Aaron in second. Luke Rowe, Martin Costa had some battles for their respective places. A few less riders in the last race but still some great racing on the day. Final podium placers were Aaron Chircop in first, Paul Smithson in second and Luke Rowe in third.

1st Aaron Chircop #192
2nd Paul Smithson #128
3rd Luke Rowe #223

The track tested the rider’s ability, and many were able to come out alive. A terrific day at the new Cranbrook District Motorcycle Club and sturdy effort put in by the committee and all members. While there are few weeks in between for Round 5 at Beverley Districts Motorcycle Club, it does not mean we won’t see some tremendous racing to come. Round 5 will be on the Sunday the 18th of August at BDMCC. Be sure to keep up to date with WAMX by following us on Facebook, Instagram and even watch our YouTube videos. We will see you all out there!

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