It has been six long months since the Make Smoking History WAMX State Motocross Championships Series wrapped up, and the waiting is almost over with the double header season opener heading to Cosy Creek, Mandurah, four hours’ drive south of Perth on the Easter Weekend of March 31st and April 1st 2018.

With the Juniors on Saturday kicking off the two day blockbuster hosted by the Manjmup Junior and Senior Motocross Club. Followed by our Senior Riders hitting the track on Sunday – this is going to be a huge weekend of racing. The opening round is always difficult to predict yet we can give you an insight into the riders lining up.

50cc Auto Class

With 2017 Champ Seth Shackleton now moving up to the 65cc and 85cc classes this will no doubt leave the door open for some new blood to shine in the opening round. Mason Brown is one to watch in this class along with Reece Beenham, but will they be worthy of a podium only time will tell.

65cc Classes

With a long off season this has been plenty of training going on around our state so don’t discount any of our little big riders – Seth Shackleton, Kayden Minear, Deacon Paice, Kai McGinty and Charlie Weightman are sure to put in solid races in this opening round in the older age group. Watch out for the young guns in the 65cc 7-U10 years with Indy Radcliffe, Declan Mcghee and Connor Wiese, there is bound to be some tough battles for podium positions.

85/150cc Classes

You will see familiar names now stepping up into the larger class and no doubt the battles will certainly be exciting to watch with Kayden Minear, Seth Shackleton, Deacon Paice, and Tate Paganini to name just a few whilst in the older age group it will be a red hot class to watch, with all the action from Seth Manuel, Brock Flynn and Camball McMahon they will take the racing to the next level, with the talent of Dylan Walsh and Jordan Minear stepping up into 85cc 12-U16 years in 2018 there could be an upset on the horizon.

Quad Limited and Competition Classes

With a new racing format for the smaller quads which sees the Limited and Competition Quads racing together but scored separately it will be interesting to see who will making the racing action in this class, Keenan Murphy, Nichole McDonnell, Brayden Porter and Harlee Young are among the talented riders to possibly get behind the gates.

100/125 Classes

Familiar names will pop out in these classes and the racing will be fast and furious – watch out for Corben Weinert; Conan Forrester; Seth Manuel; Cody Richards; Taine Kings and Regan Duffy.

Quads Up 250 Competition Class

There will be plenty of moving and shaking in this class with Jae Dowsett, Flynn Burton and Joshua McQuade trying to hold off the new blood of Brooke Hall and Amira Schmid, it will provide for some seriously fast paced action and hopefully some more newcomers to this class will keep the spectators eyes glued to the track.

125/250 Class

With Tahlia O’Hare and Mat Fabry moving into the senior ranks, there are a few riders who will be out to make their opening round count right to the end, Cody Chittick, Roys Stops and a return to racing by Rhys Burnett alongside veterans Regan Duffy and Cody Richards will make for some bar banging action in this class.
With some riders looking at their last season in Juniors, you can be guaranteed that the opening round at Manjimup will be a cracker!


The Senior Classes will hit the gates in their opening motos on Sunday and with some riders shifting classes, sparks are going to fly and the noise will be huge.

Veterans/Masters Championships.

For 2018 there will be two Championships on the line and it will be interesting to see who lines up for each of these classes. There will be familiar names of Trevor Unstead, Rex Brown, Paul Smithson, Mick Jones but watch out for James Craig and Scott Petricevich.

Brutum Logistics Quad Championship

Current WA champ Chris Bosnakis will be there but so will Blake Croonen, Shaun Woodhead, Daniel Soltoggio. Luke Gaisford is back for the 2018 season, so there will be battle royales out on the famous Manjimup Track.

Cullys Yamaha Womens Championship

With the Women’s Championship being given 6 rounds in 2018, these ladies will be out to make their mark. With Manjimup also hosting the Australian Women’s Championships later in the year, keep your eyes trackside. Tahlia O’Hare will be making her debut at Manjimup and will be going head to head with the Bagnall sisters, Lily Kent, Charlie Blee and Tayla Cryne. With good numbers already entering, Manjimup will be ready for them.

Planet Honda MX1 Championship Class

Multiple champ, crowd favourite and champion Dean Porter retired at the end of the 2017 season and MX2 Champs David Birch and Josh Adams have declared their run for the MX1 crown . The MX1 class is bursting with talent, determination and some familiar faces returning to action with Tyson Whincup, Paul Humberston, Chris Ruttico, Michael Mahon, Brett Norton so the action will be fast, furious, loud and high flying.

Motul/Pirelli MX2 Championship Class

Anticipation is in the air and the #1 plate is the carrot. With David Birch & Josh Adams moving into MX1, young guns Mitchell Outram and Kurt Oinn are ready to pounce. However with rookie Mat Fabry now joining the big boys, there will be dirt flying. This class also have many seasoned riders who will not let them have it all their own way. Keep your eyes on the track for Dylan Sexton, Daniel Pajewski, Austin Ridley to name a couple.

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Pictures: True Spirit Photos

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