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What a start to the 2020 season of Junior Motocross! The first Round of the Make Smoking History State Junior Motocross Championships was hosted by the Wanneroo Junior Motorcycle Club on the Sunday 16th of August. We saw the return of our young guns back to the dirt track with some new and familiar faces as well. The weather on the day didn’t stop our rides from giving it their best and battling it out for a podium finish. The Junior motocross riders braved the storm and went all out with each other; with mud and dirt everywhere making for a great day of racing. Check out the results below:

50cc Auto

An exceptional day for our 50cc Auto class with many braving the wind, rain and mud to have some fun and make a podium finish. Jai Errey led the way in moto one but Ollie Birkitt soon caught up and eventually took the race as his first win of the day. Caleb Tatt and Ryder Bolland went full throttle to come in third and fourth for moto one followed by Jai Bathern and John Fitzgerald. Moto two saw Ollie take the win again with Jai Errey in second. This two fought it out until the very end with Jai sticking to Ollies tail. Moto three had Noah Thomas and Cooper Doyle go hand in hand with each other as well as Bam Hill and Ryder O’Grady.

1st Ollie Birkitt #610
2nd Jai Errey #103
3rd Caleb Tatt #216

65cc 7-U10 Years

The younger class for the Husqvarna 65cc 7-U10 Years class held up quite well on the race day. Many were excited to finally start racing for state titles and it definitely showed on the day. Mason Brown took out moto one followed by Deegan Fort and Ollie Birkitt. Noah Dissington and Rielyn Johnstone were close together in the race however Noah managed to pull ahead of Rielyn to take out thirteenth with Rielyn in fourteenth. Moto two had Ollie Birkitt in first position with Nate Tomerini in second followed by Xander Conduit. Sol Pellicano managed to grab fifth place over Chase Brock who came in sixth. The final race of the day for this class had Mason brown in first, with Ollie Birkitt in second with Deegan Fort in third.

1st Ollie Birkitt #610
2nd Deegan Fort #102
3rd Nate Tomerini # 437

65cc 10-U12 Years

The older Husqvarna 65cc class put on some spectacular racing with all riders battling it out to come away with a win or two. Sonny Pellicano took out the first moto followed by Ryley Fiford in second and Luca Novello in third. Only a few second between first, second and third for the moto one on the day. Moto two had Sonny in first position again with rider Connor Wiese taking second over Ryley Fiford followed by Luca in third. Damian Leighton and Nicholas Baltatzidis were very close on the track with only little distance between them. Moto three and final race of the day had Sonny in first, with Connor in second and Ryley in third.

1st Sonny Pellicano #111
2nd Connor Wiese #188
3rd Ryley Fiford #543

85cc/150cc 9-U12 Years

The KTM 85cc/150cc 9-U12 Years had a wicked day for the first round of the mx championship series. Moto one had Seth Shackleton in the lead with Sonny Pellicano hot on his end, followed by Mason Brown and Devin Buckley. Sonny eventually took the win over Seth for the first moto. Moto two had Sonny leading the way through the pack with many riders not changing positions too much for this race. Matthew Pitter managed to push forward over Angus Fay while Kian Barnes fell behind Deegan Fort and Xander Conduit throughout the laps. The last race of the day had riders from the positions of first all the way through to fifth stay in the same position until the very end!

1st Sonny Pellicano #111
2nd Seth Shackleton #665
3rd Connor Wiese #188

85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years

The big wheel KTM 85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years class had a great start off the gate with Jake Rumens taking the lead in moto one, lap one followed by Ethan Rowland and Charlie Weightman. A slight mishap led Patrick Butler to take the win for moto one with Ethan in second and Charlie in third. Race two had Deacon Paice leading the way this time however a massive push from Patrick Butler had him take the win over Paice in the end. Moto three and the final race of the day had Deacon Paice in first position with Patrick Butler in second and Charlie Weightman in third. Nate Graham and Charlie Bartlett were very close during this race as well.

1st Patrick Butler #68
2nd Charlie Weightman #352
3rd Ethan Rowland #73

Girls 7-U12 Years

Five thrilling riders lined up at the gate ready to take off for the first round of the Cully’s younger girls class championship. Leah Rimbas, Darcey Forrest, Addison Orr, Lilly Hunt and Zala Hayward were all throttle forward on the Sunday. In the first moto Leah led the way all the way to the end with Darcey coming in second and Addison in third. Moto two had Lilly Hunt push forward into third over Addison and Zayla. The last race of the day for this girl’s class had some great racing from all with eventually Leah in first, Darcey in second and Addison in third.

1st Leah Rimbas #929
2nd Darcey Forrest #166
3rd Addison Orr #810

Girls 12-U16 Years

The Cully’s Girls 12-U16 Years had Jaylee Rimbas, Summer Mills, Olivia Webster, Phoebe Bronwin, Jordan Thomas, Lara O’Leary and Laura Featherstone-Dawes lined up at the gate, ready to go. The first moto for this class, saw all girls keep their respected positions from first to seventh with no heavy passing or movement on the track. Moto two saw Olivia push into second with Phoebe in third while Jordan dropped behind Laura and Lara. The final race had Jaylee out in front taking the lead while a little change led Olivia into seventh with Phoebe taking second and Jordan in third position.

1st Jaylee Rimbas #26
2nd Phoebe Bronwin #730
3rd Olivia Webster #177

ATV 60-90cc/ 85cc-125cc 9-U13 Years

The Brutum Logistics ATV 60-90cc/ 85cc-125cc 9-U13 Years contained riders Harlee Young, Sari Lough, Cooper Harcourt, Riona Schmid and Jack Lobb for round one. The first race, Harlee had an exceptional start and took a first-place win with Sari in second. Moto two for the day had Harlee again in first with Riona this time in second place. It was a tough day for the smaller quads with many struggling with the mud on the track. The final race and moto three on the day saw only one lap completed however it wasn’t without a battle. Harlee Young was in first place during this time.

1st Harlee Young #87
2nd Riona Schmid #632
3rd Sari Lough #134

ATV 200cc/250cc 13-U16 Years

The older Brutum Logistics ATV 200cc/250cc 13-U16 Years class, had Nichole McDonnell, Keenan Murphy, Deegan Lough, Bailey Langridge and Amira Schmid battle it out on the tough track for the races on the Sunday. The first moto had all riders keep their respected positions but at the end Keenan managed to push through as well as Deegan to take out first and second with Nichole in third. Race two for the larger ATV’s had Keenan leading the way until the very end with others following suit, with Deegan in second, Nichole in third, Amira in fourth and Bailey in fifth. The last race of the day for this class was a test for some riders, with a few having to leave the track, however Keenan pushed through and grabbed first with Deegan in second and Nichole in third.

1st Keenan Murphy #636
2nd Deegan Lough #34
3rd Nichole McDonnell #42

100cc-125cc 13-U16 Years

A fantastic line-up for the EXP Resources 100cc-125cc 13-U16 Years Class with over fifteen riders through the starting gates. Liam Atkinson led the way through for the first moto keeping up a steady first position followed suit by Jake Turner in second and Deacon Paice in third. Brock Flynn pulled through over Isaac Atkins and placed fifth while Isaac took sixth place. Race two had Liam in first position again while Jake and Kayden Minear had a little battle for third and fourth position, with Kayden managing to slip in at the end with third place.

1st Liam Atkinson #27
2nd Jake Turner #604
3rd Brock Flynn #60

128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U16 Years

A good turnout for the oldest of classes for the Junior series, with the Bottom Sinkers 128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U16 Years class coming in with a lot of riders at the gate. The first moto had Liam Atkinson lead the way again for his dual class with Brock Flynn following in second. Jake Tuner came from tenth position to end in fourth for the first moto. The second race had Haiden Hills and Mason Payne have a battel between them for fifth and sixth position with Mason eventually taking fifth. The last race of the day had Brock Flynn fly through to grab first position over Liam while Warren Garratt managed to push past Haiden Hills to a high position.

1st Liam Atkinson #27
2nd Brock Flynn #60
3rd Jake Turner #604

An exceptional day of racing by all riders at WJMC. A big thank you to all the officials, volunteers, parents, family members and riders who made the day one to remember. Next on the agenda for Junior racing is WAJMCC (Chidlow), where Round 2 is being held. A track that will be action packed with another fantastic day full of racing and plenty of dirt. Round 2 at WAJMCC will be on Sunday the 13th of September. Be sure to keep up to date with WAMX by following us on Facebook and Instagram. See you out there!

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