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The return to hard packed surface, as season 2016 heads to the business end of the Make Smoking History WAMX Junior State Championships, with the 4th exciting round ready to unleash the contenders in the Perth hills at Chidlow on Sunday July 31st.



This round also will see the return of both the Nippers and the final round of the Junior Girls State Championship class.  Whilst the sand specialists excelled at the previous Coastal Park round, the upcoming round 4 will the hardpacked favoured riders ready to secure their share of the championship points.  This season has had both new and familiar faces on the podium, plus its fair share of rider injuries to shake up the series, and Chidlow is sure to dish up another mixed bag of results.


50cc Auto

There are only 9 points splitting series leader Kayden Minear from second placed Patrick Butler, plus a handful of points separating back to third placed Seth Shackleton in the series.  The 50cc Auto class championship is by no means sewn up.  This year has seen a surge from Jake Rumens Sonny Pellicano, Indy Radcliffe, Charlie Weightman, Chantz Napier, Ryder Matthews-Taylor and Jack Bakker, and this hard packed round will no doubt deliver with every rider looking to capitalise on their starts and mid moto fitness.

Kayden Minear

Season Standings After 3 Rounds

1 104 KAYDEN MINEAR 280                            
2 218 PATRICK BUTLER 271                            
3 665 SETH SHACKLETON 262                            
4 547 JAKE RUMENS 251                            









65cc 7-10 Years

As with the 50cc class, Kayden Minear is the series leader with Seth Clark holding second and Deacon Paice holding down third.   After picking up strong results at the last round, Seth Shackleton, Taj Moore, Tate Paganini, Cohen Guyatt and Max Devery will be working hard to maintain their results and also look to improve with many hitting their home track for this round.

Season Standings After 3 Rounds

1 104 KAYDEN MINEAR 303                            
2 399 SETH CLARK 272                            
3 621 DEACON PAICE 254                            
4 520 TATE PAGANINI 242                            
5 613 COHEN GUYATT 206

65cc 10-12 Years

Less than 10 points split rivals Myles Gilmore and Liam Atkinson in the series battle, has been nothing less, than sensational this year.  Jake Turner Tylar Soloman, Brock Flynn, Jake Harvey and Harrison Tapper have maintained their strong season inside the top five and race fans will be treated to another tight three motos at Chidlow.            

Season Standings After 3 Rounds

1 699 MYLES GILMORE 301                            
2 241 LIAM ATKINSON 292                            
3 504 JAKE TURNER 261                            
4 136 TYLAR SOLOMON 232                            
5 663 JAKE HARVEY 227







Girls 85cc/150cc BW/100-125cc 2st/200-250cc 4st



Tahlia O’Hare comes into this round as not only the defending champion, but as the series leader in the Junior Girls Championship.  TJ wrapped up the series last year on this very track, and she will be determined to have her perfect record intact.

With Tiarna Hansen and Kara Cats finishing on a countback at the previous round, second placed in the series Hansen will be ready for the challenges that Kara Cats through up in the season championship battles in the sands at Coastal Park. Avril Gill and Kimberley Berente will also be ready to pick up more points at Chidlow, and either one could steal a place on the podium.

Tahlia O'Hare Girls

1 625 TAHLIA O’HARE 105      
2 747 TIARNA HANSEN 92      
3 71 KARA CATS 92      
4 529 AVRIL GILL 86      


85/150cc 9-12 Years

As with their battles in the 65’s, the rivalry in the bigger bike class between Liam Atkinson and Myles Gilmore has been outstanding.  When you consider the racing of Brock Flynn, Kaj Radcliffe, Jake Turner, Bailey Smith, Dylan Walsh and Camball McMahon, consistency has been the stand out in this class across the previous three rounds.   With Gilmore holding a 15 point lead into this round 4, spectators are in for another super show from these classy racers.


Season Standings After 3 Rounds

1 699 MYLES GILMORE 296                            
2 241 LIAM ATKINSON 281                            
3 382 BROCK FLYNN 257                            
4 370 KAJ RADCLIFFE 255                            
5 504 JAKE TURNER 224


85/150cc 12-16 Years

Series leader Brady Gilmore is injured with a broken hand, severely damaging his championship contention.  Second placed Corben Weinert is showing speed and confidence yet at Chidlow will need to keep the focus with Rhys Burnett, Conan Forrester,  Seth Manuel, Sam Stephen, Revon Nieuwouldt and Evan Browne ready to pounce and snap up points and a place on the podium.  These riders have continued to deliver outstanding speed and race results across the season, and the hardpacked riders are ready to shine this Sunday.

Brady Gilmore holeshot r3

Season Standings After 3 Rounds

1 29 BRADY GILMORE 297                            
2 14 CORBEN WEINERT 294                            
3 311 RHYS BURNETT 266                            
4 601 CONAN FORRESTER 256                            
5 571 SETH MANUEL 234

100cc-125cc 13-15 Years

Corben Weinert has a five point lead over Regan Duffy, and with third placed Mat Fabry now out after suffering a season ending injury last weekend, the door has swung right open for third place in the standings.  Could it be Jacob Daniels, Seth Manuel, Jai Gimenez, Revonn Nieuwouldt or Evan Brown to secure a step on the podium and shoot up in the series standings?

Season Standings After 3 Rounds

1 14 CORBEN WEINERT 268                            
2 118 REGAN DUFFY 263                            
3 102 MAT FABRY 239                            
4 220 JACOB DANIELS 235                            
5 571 SETH MANUEL 210


Corben Weinert


100cc-125cc 15 Years

With a 20 point lead, Mitch Outram holds the red plate as the series leader.  Billy Middleton sits in second ahead of Kurt Oinn securing third after a solid round at Coastal Park.  Speaking of solid results, Sam Baxter, Austin Ridley and Riley Stephens are well within grasp of the top five with only a small point’s margin splitting the top five results, and Chidlow will be a happy hunting ground to solidify points heading towards the pointy end of this season.



Season Standings After 3 Rounds

1 62 MITCHELL OUTRAM 299                            
2 61 BILLY MIDDLETON 279                            
3 96 KURT OINN 234                            
4 54 KAI STEPHEN 233                            
5 65 AUSTIN RIDLEY 233                            


128cc-150cc/250cc 13-16 Years

As previously mentioned, series leader Mat Fabry is out through injury, which leaves second placed Billy Middleton looking to make a gain in the championship, he will have a target on his back.   Regan Duffy,  Kurt Oinn, Riley Stephens, Kai Stephen, Kyal Gillespie and Ryan Copley all secured good results at round three at Coastal Park, and with three motos at Chidlow, every one of those riders will be searching for every little bit of advantage they can get, the Junior Lites will be sure to pull a very vocal crowd at this very exciting fourth stop on the championship calendar.






Season Standings After 3 Rounds

1 102 MAT FABRY 280                            
2 61 BILLY MIDDLETON 277                            
3 96 KURT OINN 237                            
4 118 REGAN DUFFY 231                            

Make Smoking History WAMX Junior State Championships, round 4, heads to the Perth Hills of Chidlow, on Sunday July 31st at WAJMCC.

WA Champions, Australian Champions and World Champions- the WAMX series has continued to build the foundations for our junior riders to seize their opportunities.

Host Club: WA Junior Motocross Club:

Where: Eric Walter Park,  Old Northam Road, Chidlow WA

Full class results available on

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Upcoming rounds:

Wanneroo Junior Motorcycling Club – Pinjar Park – Wanneroo 28th August – Junior Quad Round
Lightweight Motorcycle Club – Henley Park – Byford – 17th Sept – Junior Quad round



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