A fantastic turnout of riders and spectators gathered at Coastal Park, Henderson for the kick start to their season at Round 1 of the WAMX Junior state championship season. And what a day it was!

A track immaculately prepared, however renowned for being a grueling and unforgiving circuit for riders unprepared for the loamy sand surface.

The 85cc/150cc 12-14 opened proceedings and World Champ Caleb Grothues was a pure joy to watch. Whilst no other rider came near the number 60 machine he in creased his lead in all three motos and at one stage lapped all back to 10th place and held a 34 second lead. Tom West tried his heart out picking up two seconds and a third with Mitch Outram, Billy Middleton, Blake Helgeland, Dale Doutch and Jono Hartley tussling.

85cc/150cc 14-16 saw fierce tough racing from Cory Draper, Jayden Tate, Jared Connor and Jake Bishop. Tate took two moto wins from Draper who took the opening moto. Gavin Heggs was consistently up in the top five.

The 50cc Auto class was dominated by Liam Atkinson who took a clean sweep of the days racing with Tylar Soloman, Bailey Smith, Tyler Holdcroft, Jake Harvey, and Jethro Carriage.

The 65cc 10-13provide further great racing with Regan Duffy, Jacob Daniels, Navrin Grothues, Tyler Mitchell, Christian Silvestro and Corben Weinert. You can expect big things to emerge from within this class in the future.

Combining classes is never easy, but it proved to be one of the biggest and most popular with the spectators when the 100/125 cc classes 13-15 were merged.

Baylee Webb picked up from last season’s success and tore up Coastal Park with Connor Tierney, Max Vlasich, Tommy Samson, Justin Hart, Josh Marple, Jack Bright and Jordan Diable, and it was great seeing Jacob Schaafsma back out on the bike after missing last season through injury.

65cc 7-10 again providing some talent, led by Jasyn Roney who was runner up in the 50cc Auto Championships last season. On Sunday, Roney dominated all three motos from Dylan Vivian, Seth Manuel, Ethan Furnell, Evan Browne and Myles Gilmore.

Down on numbers but not on spirit was the 50cc Demo class, and the kids toughed out the deep sand with Dylan Dixon, Jaylee Rimbass, Tyler Norgate, Jake Rumens, Marley Karafil, Casey Furnell, Taj Moore and Kayden Minear.

128cc/150/250 15years started out as the Jake Fewster and Jake Pruiti show, with both riders simply outstanding in the sand. Jesse Free tried his heart out battling with a consistent Ryan Scarlett, Mackenzie Shepherd, Dylan Hogan and Jake Cryne.

Fewster was forced to retire from the final moto with obvious clutch issues. Rest assured that the battle for the points will continue at Bunbury!

128cc/150/250 13-15years had all on their toes as Connor Tierney, Liam Whisler, Max Vlasich, Stuart Eardley-Wilmot, Steven Pocock and Jesse Hogan took to the track. Tierney took the class win for the day but it was tight in the top three with Vlasich, Eardley-Wilmot battling with the much improved Liam Whisler.

85cc/150 9-12 had two moto wins to Regan Duffy with Navrin Grothues, Tyler Mitchell, Jacob Daniels, Ben Sainsbury, Brady Gilmore and Corben Weinert all fighting throughout the three motos all inside the top five.

The crowd lined the fence to greet the riders and show the appreciation for a top day of racing and great sportsmanship out on the track as riders shook hands and congratulated each other on some top level racing in a physically and emotionally draining day, on a track which certainly tested the limits of rider and machine.

Great atmosphere and thanks to WAMX Junior and the host club Coastal Park, yet again setting the benchmark for facilities and track prep. Congratulations to all riders, who did themselves and their respective classes proud. Next round is at Bunbury and with the break between rounds allows plenty of time for training, fitness and practice, and with the competition hot on the track; every rider will be out to improve on their first round results.

The Overall Results after Round 1 http://www.mylaps.com/en/events/882619

100cc/125cc 15 years
1 351 Tommy Samson
2 37 Jordan Diable
3 109 Jacob Schaafsma

100cc/125cc 13-u15
1 63 Baylee Webb
2 610 Connor Tierney
3 324 Justin Hart

128cc-150cc/250cc 13-u15 yrs
1 1 Connor Tierney
2 214 Liam Whisler
3 2 Max Vlasich

128cc-150cc/250cc 15 yrs
1 66 Jake Pruiti
2 713 Jesse Free
3 5 Ryan Scarlett

50cc Auto
1 241 Liam Atkinson
2 136 Tylar Solomon
3 198 Bailey Smith

65cc 10-u13 yrs
1 118 Regan Duffy
2 220 Jacob Daniels
3 620 Navrin Grothues

65cc 7-u10 yrs
1 666 Jasyn Roney
2 188 Dylan Vivian
3 212 Evan Browne

85cc/150cc 12-u14 yrs
1 60 Caleb Grothues
2 65 Tom West
3 293 Jonathon Hartley

85cc/150cc 14-u16 yrs
1 183 Jaden Tate
2 545 Corey Draper
3 33 Jared Connor

85cc/150cc 9-u12
1 220 Jacob Daniels
2 118 Regan Duffy
3 620 Navrin Grothues

A first for the season was PerthMX broadcasting live from the event with video and audio. This will become a future permanent fixture at selected major WA events.

You can listen to Sunday’s action as well as all the podium speeches on this week’s MX Weekly radio show, http://www.perthmx.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18752