Sunday 14 September 2014 will see the Smarter than Smoking WAMX Junior State Round 6 being held at Pinjar Park, Wanneroo.

This, the final round for the 2014 motocross season, sees the competition being fought at a challenging and action pumped sand track. This track is thought to be one of the hardest junior tracks in Australia and is sure to bring on a day of fast and furious racing, which will get the adrenalin pumping in both riders and spectators.

Mums and Dads, remember we are nearly there! Although we all enjoy living the life of a “Modern Day Gypsy”, travelling around the countryside, a little time to relax and recharge is also nice. Riders, well what can one say, you would all just keep on riding and racing without any breaks if you could. So everyone come along bright and early on Sunday 14 September, bringing with you big smiles, sporting attitudes and your flaggie, ready to rock ‘n’ race.

Entry is free for all spectators so remember to bring along your family and friends. Tell them not to miss out on the action, being the final round we are guaranteed to see plenty of it.

Following this event results will be posted on the WAMX website. As always, True Spirit Photos will be there so remember to check out the great photos of yourselves