Arriving at the Smarter than Smoking WAMX Junior State Round 4 at Eric Walter Park Chidlow everyone was wondering what the track would be like after the rains of yesterday. Well they were not bad, a bit muddy, just hoping the rain stayed away. Well no such luck, rain and lots of it, luckily no earth shattering downpours, but enough to create more and more mud, and oh did I happen to mention mud. Not that any of this would dampen the spirit of the riders’ who were eager to get out on the track. By the time practice had finished I think the thought on the minds of all of the mums was…all that muddy washing!!

First up to race were the 65cc 7-U12 and with all the mud, and getting muddier every race these guys put on a great show for the full three rounds. Regan Duffy took out the first race and came in fourth in the second, unfortunately he was unable to race the third round still leaving him with a great finishing position in the top six. The mud did nothing to dampen the performance of Corben Weinert and Tyler Mitchell who took out second and third for the day. Cody Chittick and Christian Silvestro were hot on their tails all day with Christian taking out third and Cody coming in fourth.

The 50cc Demo 4-U9 kids were great, they slipped and slid, fell in the mud and got back up, and finished still smiling and eager for more. Don’t forget all the Dads that were out there helping to pull them up out of the mud and get their bikes back up, even though the mud at times seemed as though it wanted to suck them in and keep them. Makayla, Denver, Chantz, Tyson, Harrison, Leah, Riley, Jedd, Tamsyn, Hudson and Max you were all fantastic and we look forward to seeing you in the next round.

The 128cc-150cc/250cc 15yrs raced fast and hard all day, rain, mud and sunshine did nothing to stop these guys. Connor Tierney, Stuart Eardley-Wilmott and Liam Whisler battled it out in all three races with Connor taking first place with 1-1-1, Seth grabbing second with 2-2-3 and Liam holding third with 3-3-2. Max Vlasich was up there with these guys pushing them hard all day, giving them a real run for their money.

The 128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U15 were up next and the adrenalin was there from the beginning. Justin Hart again didn’t put a foot, or should I say wheel wrong, and took out first for all three races. Second and third was hard fought for between Justin Walker and Billy Middleton, riding fast and putting on a great show for the spectators. Kyle Elliot was up there battling with these guys as well, letting them well and truly know he was there and coming after them. The day was finished off with Justin Hart first, Justin Walker second and Billy Middleton Third.

The 85cc/150cc 9-U12 were up next. Riding in this mud must be really hard work and a lot of these riders compete in more than one class and yet still had the energy and determination to put on an exciting three rounds. Rhys Burnett took out first in the first race, these guys were all coming in fast, with only 26 seconds between first and seventh. The podium finishes for this class were Regan Duffy first 2-1-1, Corben Weinert second 4-2-2 and Rhys Burnett third who had a first and a third in the rounds.

Next up were the 85cc/150cc 12-U16. By the time these riders came up for their second race there was so much mud they were sliding and falling all over the place, getting themselves back up quickly and taking off again. All of this didn’t stop Matt Fabry, Jacob Daniels, Mitchell Outram and Kurt Oinn from flying through, spraying the mud up for everyone else. They battled hard and fast with Matt Fabry first for the day, Jacob Daniels in second and Kurt Oinn a great third.

50cc Auto 7-U9 group fought strongly through the mud all day which saw Seth Clark and Jake Harvey battling and coming in first and second in this order for all three races leaving the real battle for the day going on for third position. Kayden Minnear held on strong to come in third for the first two rounds. Mitchell Ackland placed fifth in all three races to take out third overall for the day.

Last, but definitely not least, in the lineup were the 100cc-125cc 13-U16, this class is nothing less than pure adrenalin from start to finish. These guys just put on a great show every single time and today was not a disappointment. Justin Hart, Connor Tierney, Jacob Schaafsma, Jake Pratley, Jonathon Hartley and Dale Doutch rounded out the top five all day. Final placings saw Connor Tierney first 2-1-1, Justin Hart second 1-2-2 and Jacob Schaafsma third 3-3-3.

Even with the rain and mud, have I already mentioned the rain and mud, there was lots of it, it was a great day of racing. First aid were kept pretty busy, luckily most were only minor injuries, however there were a couple of injuries that will keep the riders off the track for a bit. To these riders we wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back out on the track as soon as you can. To everyone from Chidlow that worked hard on the track and in the canteen a big thank you, it was a great event. Again another big thanks to Nikki from PerthMX who always gives us a great day of commentating. To the flaggies that were rostered on and the numerous reserves we had to call up on the day, thank you, no matter what is arranged and ready for the day without you all out there the kids couldn’t race. Thanks always to our sponsors and supporters, Healthway, Smarter than smoking, Wanneroo KTM, WA Motocross, True Spirit Photos, Dyno Time, Motorcycling WA, Mandurah City Yamaha KTM and Tyres for Bikes, your continued support is very much valued and appreciated.

Don’t forget to enter for the 5th Junior State Round and we look forward to seeing you all at Coastal Park, Henderson on Sunday 17 August 2014. If you haven’t already entered you have until this Sunday 10 August 2014 to get your late entries in. It’s back to the sand tracks and with more sunshine out and about it’s looking more like a beautiful day will greet us.