The Chidlow Two Day Challenge hosted the very first Junior girls State Championship. Tahlia O’Hare breezed to victory to take the championship with Megan Bagnall second and Emily Picket third.

Che Ebert took to the track to compete and is hoping that this will be the beginning of the championship into the future. “I think that the Chidlow 2 day challenge turned out great. The track I thought was in perfect condition for racing and was a very enjoyable weekend. I was so happy that the girls round proceeded eventhough there was only six of us. I hope this strives more girls to become interested so that we are able to have a round 2 for the girls sometime this year, but with more of us. Racing two classes (girls and 250 class) was definitely a challenge for me but great fun. It pushed me above my limits that I never thought I was capable of. The event was run really well and a big congratulations to all girls for putting on a spectacular performance and well done everyone else who raced. Chippa #45″.

Emily Pickett picked up third for the day and is also hoping that more girls become involved in the sport. “The event was great, and I hope that more girls out there are encouraged to get involved. I got 2nd in the first race, then got 3rd in the next three races. I got the holeshot in the 5th race, but got passed and ended up getting 3rd. In the last race I again got the holeshot and then got passed and ended up getting 2nd which got me third over the 2 days, and third in the championship behind Megan Bagnall and TJ who got first”.

Newly crowned State Champion Tahlia O’Hare is confident of the series growing. “This is the first ever opportunity in WA that the junior girls have had to have their own standout event. Thanks must go out to all involved for the hard work and effort put in to make it happen. Let’s hope we can only go forward from here and continue to promote and grow the sport for our future female riders”.

Spectator Aaron Caldwell: “I watched Tahlia win all her races today. After every race she waited at the pits and shook the hand of every rider in the race. A lot of today’s sports men and women can learn a lot from this young lady. I take my hat off to you well done to a deserving champ”.

WAMX: “These girls put in a massive weekend and riding dual classes was no easy weekend. Congratulations to all the girls who participated in the Inaugural WA Junior Girls State Championship and especially to these three young ladies. A great weekend of racing and let’s hope 2016 sees and even bigger competition. 1st Tahlia O’Hare, 2nd Megan Bagnall, 3rd Emily Pickett”.

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