Here we all were ready for the Smarter than Smoking WAMX Junior State Round 3 at Hendley Park, Byford and I am sure the question on everyone’s mind was, were the Weather Gods going to be kind to us, and they were. It started off freezing and then turned into a cold but clear day. Who could believe it after the weather of a week ago. The crew at Lightweight had put in another great effort, there was a new scrutineering/sign in bag and the track looked great…prepped to perfection. As practice ended and everyone was talking about how great that track was.

The 128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U15 and the excitement was there from the beginning. Justin Hart pulled away and never once faltered the real battle of the race was for 2nd and 3rd between Billy Middleton and Justin Walker. In the first race Justin Hart never let the field get close enough and coming up to the last lap board was starting to lap racers, this was a trend he set for all three rounds. Billy and Justin put up a great battle for their positions and kept the rest of the field at bay. Justin Hart took the win 1-1-1, Billy 2nd with 2-2-2 and Justin Walker 3rd with 3-3-3.

The first of the 85cc/150cc 9-U12 were up next. Taking the lead and holding it all day was Regan Duffy, he was on fire, not giving the others much of a chance. The battles for second and third were exciting with a good handful of kids getting in on the action. Conan Forrester took out second in races 1 and 2, with Corben Weinert placing second in the 3rd race. Who can believe that just a year that ago young Conan Forrester was lying in hospital with terrible injuries. It’s great to see him back and riding so well. Rhys Burnett held on to take out third in races 2 and 3, with Evan Browne taking out second in the 1st race. The podium was filled with Ragan Duffy 1-1-1, Conan Forrester 2-2-4 and Rhys Burnett 6-3-3.

Next up were the 85cc/150cc 12-U16. A spill in the first lap of the first race saw Caleb Grothues unable to finish the race. However, he was back and on fire for races 2 and 3 taking out first in both of these races, again making it look so easy and effortless. There were great battles going on all day between Mat Fabry, Kurt Oinn, Mitchell Outram, Jacob Daniels and Brady Gilmore for 2nd and 3rd. The final podium finishes saw Mat Fabry 1-2-2 take out first, second went to Kurt Mitchell Outram 2-4-6 and Kurt Oinn 8-3-3 taking third. The spill Caleb Grothues took in first place in fourth overall.

The 50cc Auto 7-U9 being the youngest competition class were racing hard all day. There was a real battle going on for all podium placings with Seth Clarke taking out the first race, Seann Arrowsmith raced to take out second and third in races 1 and 2, Jaylee Rimbus was in there for a 2nd and 3rd in races 2 and 3. Jake Harvey placed in all three races to see him on the top of the podium with 3-2-2, Jayleee Rimbus 4-2-1 took second placing and Taj Moore 5-4-3 evened out the three with a fine third placing.

Next up came the 100cc-125cc 13-U16, these races were pure adrenalin from the beginning with the lineup including Caleb Grothues, Connor Tierney and Justin Hart. The first race went to Connor Tierney with Justin coming in second and Caleb rounding it off for third. A spill for Connor Tierney in the second race which saw him looking a bit dazed and mighty upset with being unable to finish. However, a check over by the paramedics Connor was cleared of any injuries and came out blazing in the third race which saw him take out third. Justin Hart was on fire for all rounds taking out second each time. After a third in the first race Caleb Grothues came back to take first in both the 2nd and 3rd races. Watching Caleb at his best he just pulled away and he wasn’t letting anybody come near him, the only way he was going to lose was if he made an error. He didn’t and the whole time made it look so easy. Jacob Schaafsma and Jonathon Hartley were up there pushing hard all the way. The final standings were first Caleb Grothues 3-1-1, second Justin Hart 2-2-2 and Jonathon Hartley for third with 4-6-4.

The 65cc 7-U12 group had a bit of battle for podium positions. Regan Duffy finished first, then third, unfortunately a spill in the third race left him unable to finish and missing out on a spot on the podium. Tyler Mitchell and Liam Atkinson were up there battling it out, but in the end Corben, Rhys and Christian proved just a little too fast on the day. Corben Weinert took out first for the day with a 2-1-1 performance. Rhys Burnett and Christian Silvestro battled it out for second and third with Christian finishing second with 3-4-3 and Rhys coming in a mighty third with 7-2-2.

The 50cc Demo 4-U9 kids were up next enjoying racing on a fantastically prepared track. A few spills along the way, but not too many, and there were all up again and racing as quickly as they could. Some of the seasoned more confident riders were flying around and while the others are getting the hang of it. It is always great to see these little ones having so much and enjoying the sport. These are the kids that will keep the spot going and some great little riders that we will here a lot about in the future. Jayden, Makayla, Chantz, Tyson, Leah, Jedd, Charlie, Brock, Tamsyn, Brayden, Hudson and Soolia, well done to you all.

Last up were the 128cc-150cc/250cc 15yrs who raced fast and hard and were consistent all day. Connor Tierney and Liam Whisler battled it out for first and second all day with Connor taking first place overall with 1-2-1 and Liam holding on to second on the podium with 2-1-2. Stuart Eardley-Wilmott finished off the final placings with third for the day with 5-3-3. Max Vlasich rode hard and came third in the first race, but Stuart was determined to hold onto third for the remainder.

Overall it was a great day of racing, first aid had a pretty light day with only a few minor incidents and as we all like to see no major injuries. This is also a credit to everyone that worked on the track. Thanks to Nikki from PerthMX who always does a great job with commentating, really don’t know how she keeps up with them all. A few issues with flaggies not turning up for the roster, which caused racing to be stopped. Remember if we don’t have flaggies the kids can’t ride and with having three rounds of flaggies it really isn’t that long to all do our bit. Remember you MUST ALL turn up the flaggies meeting that is held in the morning before the riders’ meeting. A big thankyou to you all and if we can keep it flowing everyone gets to enjoy the day and finish early. Thanks always to our sponsor and supporters, Healthway, Smarter than smoking, Wanneroo KTM, WA Motocross, True Spirit Photos, Dyno Time, Motorcycling WA, Mandurah City Yamaha KTM and New Husqvarna MX’s, your continued support is very much appreciated.

Don’t forget to enter for the 4th Junior State Round and we look forward to seeing you all at Eric Walter Park, Chidlow on Sunday 27 July 2014. Work on the bikes, get rested and recharged and we’ll see you there nice and early for another great day of racing. Remember to pray to the weather gods to be kind to us on this day.

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