What a great weekend it was for the annual two day Chidlow Challenge and inaugural junior girls state championship at WAJMCC! The weather was perfect and the club had done a brilliant job in prepping the track ready for the fast paced battles that would be had over the course of the weekend.

First off the start gates for day one was the inaugural junior girls 12 to u16 state championship race. The riders consisted girls from different backgrounds of racing experience including mx and enduro. Racing on machines ranging from 85cc to 250cc was Megan Bagnall, Kimberley Berente, Che Ebert, Avril Gill, Tahlia O’Hare and Emily Pickett.

There would be six motos over the two days to decide WA’s first champion. This is the first ever opportunity in WA that the junior girls have had to have their own standout event. Thanks must go out to all involved for the hard work and effort put in to make it happen. Let’s hope we can only go forward from here and continue to promote and grow the sport for our future female riders.

Everything came together for me on day one, my starts were good and the bike was running well. The track held up nicely and I was able to get out in front early and ride a smooth consistent race, taking the three motos.

Day two however proved a little harder. Emily and Megan decided to turn it up a notch and make me work a little harder. I had to really push my bike to try and get to the first corner before the bigger bikes of the other girls. It wasn’t my day for Holeshots and it would take some well thought out passes to get past the other girls and into open space. It made for an exciting day and all the girls can be congratulated on their huge efforts to make this event a success. I was able to secure the day’s three motos, taking all six heats and the 2015 championship.

I’d like to thank my dad, he takes me training rain, hail or sunshine, works on my bikes endlessly and works extra hard to earn the money to support me in my racing.

PCW Motorcycle Works, Moss Institute, Lizard Landscaping, Bergmans Auto Group, RSV, ISUZU Ute, Impstr.inc, Jessie-Lee-Photography, Jason Atkinson for the little pep talks and helping me with my training and Jess Moore who’s been coaching me the last few weeks – your inputs have been invaluable.

Well done to all the riders over the weekend and well done to WAJMCC for an awesome event!

Photo: Jessie Lee Photography