Sunday the 25th of August was tremendous in showcasing some of Western Australia’s current leaders in Junior motocross. The Wanneroo Junior Motocross Club is known to be home to a few past and present champions; which was clearly shown over the Sunday. Round 5 of the WAMX Make Smoking History State Junior Motocross Championship Series was hosted by WJMC on the 25th and it was an action-packed day that delivered to the spectators, riders, families and everyone in between. The day brought forward good racing and sportsmanship as the track had sizeable jumps and sudden turn sections that challenged a few riders but, in the end there were smiles all around and the day was great.

85/150cc 9-U12 Years

Kayden Minear and Taj Moore fought hard for their respective positions of first and second in the first moto of the day for this class. Followed closely in third was Kai McGinty with Sonny Pellicano and Jake Rumens not far behind. Charlie Weightman fell behind a bit however found his footing and pushed through to land seventh position. Patrick Butler had a score for himself in the first moto too, as he secured fourteenth place from twenty-second position. The second moto saw both Kayden and Kai keep their straight and secure first and second again, while a few other riders had difficulty keeping their own positions in a good line. The last moto of the day for the class brought Taj Moore forward to grab second place over Sonny Pellicano who placed third. Nate Graham found ultimate power and landed twelfth place from fifteenth while Jacob Staley had some troubles getting through the pack however got a break and secured nineteenth for himself. Final Podium was:

1st Kayden Minear #104
2nd Taj Moore #165
3rd Sonny Pellicano #111

128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U16 Years

The Boxline Industries 128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U16 Years Class had Cody Chittick leading the way in the first moto with Seth Manuel in second and Liam Atkinson in third. Coming from the back, Brock Flynn secured fourth position over Jake Turner in fifth and Evan Browne in sixth. Jordan Johnson fired up and came from last place to land eleventh position over Haiden Hills in twelfth, Connor Hughes in thirteenth and Reilly Frankhuizen in fourteenth. Everyone kept it straight and clean in the second moto with only a slight change of leadership position at the end with Brock flying past Jake Turner to secure first place. Connor managed to get past both Matthew Lee and Haiden Hills in the second moto to find himself a position of thirteenth. The last moto of the day saw a battle between Seth Manuel and Jake Turner, Will Rush and Evan Browne and Connor Hughes and Matthew Lee. Brock Flynn soared through from last place to land seventh for the final moto. Final Podium was:

1st Cody Chittick #39
2nd Liam Atkinson #27
3rd Seth Manuel #59

Quads Comp 90cc 9-U13 Years

A great start to Round 5 for Jack Lobb who took out first place in the first moto for the 90cc Quad Comp Class. Harlee Young followed Jack and took out second with Braydan Porter in third, Rohan Schmid in fourth, Sari Lough in fifth and Riona Schmid in sixth. Jack again kept his first position in the second moto of the day while Braydan had a smooth ride into second place over Harlee who just finished into third in the final lap. Rohan had some good racing with his takeover of rider Sari which saw him in fourth place while Riona demonstrated her skills from the back. The final moto for this class had Jack in first place again, followed by some easy quad skills from Braydan, Harlee and Rohan while Sari and Riona seemed to be in a battle at the beginning for fifth and sixth place. The final podium was:

1st Jack Lobb #16
2nd Braydan Porter #33
3rd Harlee Young #87

50cc Auto 

Mason Brown dominated the first moto for the 50cc Auto class at WJMC. Not to be outdone though, Deegan Fort fought hard and got into second position with Albie Reeve in third and Nate Tomerini in fourth. At the back of the pack, Noah Thomas, Sonny Fiford, Van Haberley and Lilly Hunt had outstanding energy and finished with seeing a big wave of the chequered flag. Moto two had Sonny Fiford, Noah Thomas, Ryder Bolland, Sol Pellicano and Albie Reeve fighting for positions sixth to tenth. Mason Brown had a cool running for first place with Deegan Fort in second, Ollie Birkitt in third and Nate Tomerini in fourth. From positions fifth to twelfth it was on between the riders. Albie Reeve jumped up to fifth while unfortunely riders Lilly, Sol and Ryder slipped a few positions behind. Final podium was:

1st Mason Brown #658
2nd Deegan Fort #102
3rd Ollie Birkitt #610

Girls 12-U16 Years 

Hannah Stewart produced skills and fast riding on the day which landed her in first position within all the motos for Round 5. The Girls 12-U16 Class saw six riders line up at the gate for their last round of their championship series. Jaylee Rimbas was hot on Hannah’s tail right from the beginning and didn’t stop all day. Phoebe Bronwin Olivia Webster, Kate Luyten and Madyline Drewett all displayed some fine racing out on WJMC’s track. The second moto saw Hannah secure first again however this time there was a battle between riders Jaylee, Phoebe and Olivia as they chopped and changed quite a few times before Jaylee got the better and pushed into second over the pack. The final moto saw Hannah keep her top spot with the rest of the girls keeping it straight and sleek with Jaylee in second, Phoebe in third, Olivia in fourth, Kate in fifth and Madyline in sixth. Final podium was

1st Hannah Stewart #52
2nd Jaylee Rimbas #826
3rd Phoebe Bronwin #730

100-125cc 13-U16 Years

The EXP Resources 100-125cc 13-U16 Years Class had some attractive racing from those riding. These riders right from the ‘get go’ were prepared and ready to dominate the track before them but in the end, it was Liam Atkinson who secured first place for Round 5. The first moto had both Cody Chittick and Liam Atkinson having a battle for first position with a cross over between lap one and two with Liam finally overtaking Cody. Camball McMahon fell behind Seth Manuel who secured fourth over the other rider while Javier Mutter got the better of seven riders and landed thirteenth place from last position. Ben Cook moved up a bit within the first moto while Jye Tomerini was still trying to find his place. Brock Flynn took out the second moto with Liam in second and Cody in third. Riders Jye Tomerini, Jay White and West Reid had a clash between the first and second lap but West managed to grab tenth place over the others. Mason Payne went from last to fifteenth position while Jake Turner had some troubles pushing past some other riders. The leadership position changed twice between Cody and Liam while others had major battles of their own. Only a few points separated some riders and it was demonstrated with how hard they fought to get those extra points over each other. Final podium was:

1st Liam Atkinson #27
2nd Cody Chittick #39
3rd Brock Flynn #60

Quad Comp 250cc 13-U16 Years

A battle for first position in the first moto of the day for the bigger quad competition class. Joshua McQuade managed to push past Amira Schmid who fought hard to keep her first-place position, however Josh secured first over her. It wasn’t the moto for Deegan as he slipped away into last place while riders Nichole McDonnell, Jack Sawyer, Amba Boland, Jayde Merrylees and Bailey Langridge moved up. Moto two was better for Deegan as he maintained a good third position throughout the race while Jack Sawyer got up into second and Joshua stayed in first. Jayde had a battle with Bailey for sixth place however Jayde got the better of the other quad rider and saw herself move into the position like it was hers. First and last place managed to stay away from the drama that the other riders got themselves in to for the last moto of the day. Both Jack and Amira slipped to the back of the pack while Jayde, Amba and Deegan managed to move a few positions forward. Final podium was:

1st Joshua McQuade #14
2nd Jack Sawyer #122
3rd Deegan Lough #34

65cc 7-U10 Years

After a re-run for the first moto, some riders were able to readjust their intentions and completely stun onlookers as to the skills they possessed for riding Round 5 at WJMC. With many of the riders in the class calling the track home, it was no wonder that so many of them put on a wonderful display worthy of applause. Mason Brown was prepared and ready to take his place for the 65cc 7-U10 Years class…and he did exactly that; taking out the first moto with Devin Buckley in second position and Ryely Fiford in third. Close by only a few seconds was Ollie Birkitt and Jai Errey. The second moto saw riders get comfortable with the track and even some turning the throttle more so than ever. While still keeping first position Mason performed well again with Devin in second but this time Deegan Fort in third. The third and last moto of the day had a few people on their feet with the remarkable riding that was going on. Close together for the last race on the day was Damian Leighton, Jai Errey, Ryder Coad, Tristian Roesch and Jax Wilkinson. Final Podium was:

1st Mason Brown #658
2nd Devin Buckley #518
3rd Deegan Fort #102  

65cc 10-U12 Years

Focus, determination and an unlimited amount of fun were the characteristics displayed by the older group of the 65cc class. Patrick Butler managed to take out first position followed by Kayden Minear in second and Sonny Pellicano in third. Chantz Napier, Tyson Silvestro, Skye Graham and Rohan Schmid all had a good run with the first moto; keeping themselves calm and collected throughout. The second moto saw Jake Rumens this time secure first position over Kayden Minear in second and Patrick Butler in third. Both Connor Weise and Indy Radcliffe also had great riding talent displayed while out on the track. The last moto had everyone keep the same positions as from the previous race with not a single rider moving positions. Final podium was:

1st Kayden Minear #104
2nd Jake Rumens #547
3rd Patrick Butler #218 

85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years

A spectacular performance of motocross racing from Dylan Walsh and Deacon Paice who battled it out for first position in moto one of the day for the 85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years Class. Followed closely behind in third and fourth was Bailey Smith and Isaac Atkins who also displayed some stunning riding for their respective positions. Rhal Selway, Tate Paganini and Taj Read all kept it cool with fifth, sixth and seventh while positions eight onwards was a battle for all. The second moto saw Cody Richardson and Taj Read drop behind a bit however that didn’t stop Brodie Taylor, Kai Smith, Max Devery and Reece Brouwer from taking advantage and jumping up a few places. The last and final moto of the day saw Dylan Walsh take out first with Deacon Paice in second however Isaac Atkins and Kai Smith had some trouble on the track with a few positions. Kai Pratt on the other hand, had a really good time and landed himself in fourteenth position over Charlie Bartlett and Zane Garraway. Final podium was:

1st Dylan Walsh #61
2nd Deacon Paice #621
3rd Bailey Smith #51

An awesome display of riding from those who took the track with their best interests. Well done to everyone on the day and also a massive thanks to the volunteers who dedicated their time to make the day achievable and enjoyable; without you the event does not operate the same. From the flaggies, officials, scorers, canteen and the surrounding families and community members! The last and final Round 6 of the WAMX Make Smoking History State Junior Motocross Championships is being hosted by the Manjimup Motorcycle Club on the 14th of September as part of the last double header with Seniors on the 15th for the year. This round will also be incorporating the PINK ROUND for Breast Cancer. We encourage everyone to dress up in their best of PINK and also dig deep and donate. Be sure to keep up to date with WAMX by following us on Facebook, Instagram and even watch our YouTube videos. See you out there!

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