Coastal Park in Henderson was the place to be on the weekend, it was a chilly start to the day but things soon warmed up and the sun shined and so did the Juniors, the track was lit and the competition was fierce. All the spectators were treated to some awesome action packed racing from the future of motocross.

It looked like Kayden Minear was going to take all three moto wins again this round in the 85cc 9-U12 years but Deacon Paice had other ideas managing a win in the sprint round.  Minear took the overall round win, from Paice and Shackleton respectively.

The 85cc 9-U12 years Champions are:-

Kayden Minear taking the Championship on 627points
Deacon Paice in 2nd place on 565 points
Seth Shackleton in 3rd place on 544 points.

The Quads Competition 8-u12years, Keenan Murphy was impressive all day although running on a slightly shorter track at Coastal he held his quad wide open all day with 3 wins, the day was his.  Nicohole McDonnell had some bike issues but held on for second on the day.  Riona Schmid who has improved all year came in third for the day.

The Quad Competition 8-U12 years Champions are:-

Keenan Murphy taking the Championship on 625 points
Sari Lough in 2nd place on 494 points
Nichole MCDonnell in 3rd place on 472 points

With Regan Duffy back on board in the 128-150cc/200-250cc 13-u16 years, he dominated racing on the day take the round win ahead of an inform Corben Weinert who managed to hold off Duffy in the sprint round with championship leader Rhys Burnett finishing in third place for the round. Cody Richards and Conan Forrester weren’t far off the pace

The 128cc-150cc/200-250cc 13-u16 years Champions for 2018 are

Rhys Burnett winning the Championship on 516 points
Corben Weinert in 2nd place on 495 points
Conan Forrester in 3rd place on 492 points.

Mason “Mad Dog” Brown did it again showing he can ride on any surface taking straight moto wins in the 50cc Auto 7-U9 years in this round ahead of Nate Tomerini who held on to second place only 2 points ahead of Reece Beenham.

The 50cc Auto 7-u9 years Champions for 2018 are

Mason Brown winning the Championship on 598 points
Deegan Fort in 2nd place on 492 points
Blake Mannion in 3rd place on 440 points

The 100-125cc 13-u16 years class it was Regan Duffy who was on fire! He took all three moto wins to be standing on the top step of the podium for the round, with Corben Weinert in second and Rhys Burnett making in into the top 3 by narrowly holding off Seth Manuel by 6 points.

The 100-125cc 13-u16 years Champions for 2018 are

Rhys Burnett winning the Championship on 516 points
Corben Weinert in 2nd place on 501 points
Seth Manuel in 3rd place on 500 points

The Quads Competition Class 12-u16 it wasn’t a surprise that Jae Dowsett again was standing on the top spot of the podium with wins in all three moto’s, some bike issues saw Brooke Hall miss out on the podium for this round.  But Flynn Burton came second ahead of Ashleigh Curedale in third.

The Quads Competition 13-u16 years Champions for 2018 are

Jae Dowestt winning the Championship on 630 points
Flynn Burton in 2nd place on 566 points
Brooke Hall in 3rd place on 491 points

Seth Shackleton has been the rider to beat all year in 65cc 7-u10 years, however this wasn’t going to happen at the series finale, with Seth taking win’s in all three races over the course of the day, ahead of Sonny Pellicano in second and Connor Wiese in third.

The 65cc 7-u10 years Champions for 2018 are

Seth Shackleton winning the Championship on 630 points
Indy Radcliffe in 2nd place on 506 points
Connor Wiese in 3rd place on 496 points

Deacon Paice kept the pressure on Kayden Minear in the 65cc 10-u12 years class but Kayden would prevail in all three moto’s taking the win for the round, ahead of Deacon in second place and surprise package Jake Rumens who hit some late form in third place with Patrick Butler narrowly missing out on a podium position on the day by 4 points.

The 65cc 10-u12 years Champions for 2018 are

Kayden Minear winning the Championship on 621 points
Deacon Paice in 2nd place on 539 points
Patrick Butler in 3rd place on 507 points

There was some intense racing in the 85cc 12-u16 years class Brock Flynn was another rider on the day that took out wins in all three moto’s, to find himself on top of the podium ahead of Jake Turner in second and Dylan Walsh only 2 points further behind in third place.  With notable mentions to Camball McMahon and Kaj Radcliffe who kept the pressure on the top three riders all year.

The 85cc 12-u16 years Champions for 2018 are

Brock Flynn winning the Championship on 585 points
Jake Turner in 2nd place on 522 points
Dylan Walsh in 3rd place on 511 points

The Series is done for 2018 and was celebrated with the spraying of lemonade and a few shoey’s by the junior champions.

Not to forget our youngest riders that were out there giving it their all in the 50cc Demo 7-u9 years class, these little future champions try hard every round and it was awesome to see Cooper Clayden, Reilly Anderson, Sol Pellicano, Sonny Fiford, Brax Mannion, Charlie Butler and Ryder Bolland on track.

The 2018 Junior Highest Points Award and the 2018 Club of the Year Awards will be presented at the MWA Night of Champions.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2018 Champions – awesome racing all season long and we look forward to seeing you all in 2019!!

A huge thank you to all of our Riders & their families, Sponsors both big & small, our Officials, Photographers, Clubs, Commentators for your help and assistance throughout the 2018 Make Smoking History Series.

Story:  WAMX (Inc)

Pictures:  True Spirit Photos

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