With the early morning sun shining its way through the gigantic forest trees at Chidlow, Junior riders were themselves preparing for a big day ahead. A chilly start for those who made their way to the West Australian Junior Motocross Club early on Sunday the 28th of July but it motivated riders to push hard in practice so they could warm themselves up. Thankfully the rain gods held off for Round 4 of the WAMX Make Smoking History State Junior Championship Series because the clear skies made for terrific racing. A few falls here and there during practice but luckily the majority of riders made their way through to start the first of the day’s moto’s. Many were successful in finishing the hardpack track which was strong and daring for the Junior MX riders to tackle. Focus and confidence is what was needed on the day and that was showcased by those who secured their spots on the podium at the end of Round 4.

128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U16 Years

The Boxline Industries 128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U16 Years class brought all the action on the day. A few heart stopping moments with changes of leader positions during the moto’s however it was Liam Atkinson who fought hard to finish first at the end of the day. The first moto saw Liam head straight into first with Cody Chittick following closely behind in second. However not to be missed was Seth Manuel in third and Evan Browne in fourth.  Brock Flynn was having a good first race until Jake Turner came up behind him to overtake into fifth position leaving Brock in Sixth. It would seem that everyone kept to themselves in moto two of the day for this class as the only thrill was Liam overtaking Cody to make first and Ross Harron passing Mitchell Killeen to place tenth over Mitchell who finished eleventh. Cody Chittick held on for as long as possible in the final moto however Liam was just that bit extra and made an impressive move to secure first place and top spot of number one on the podium at the end. Moto three also saw Brock Flynn managing to spectacularly make his way from last place of eleventh position to overtake Jordan Johnson and finish seventh while Jordan finished eighth.

1st Liam Atkinson #27
2nd Cody Chittick #39
3rd Seth Manuel #59

Girls 7-U12 Years

Nine girls made their way up to the gates to compete for the Girls 65cc-85cc/150cc 7-U12 Years class. While some riders were ready to dominate the track, others were there to just have fun. It was Leah Rimbas who headlined the day finishing three for three for first position. She showcased her skills and lead an extraordinary massive gap out in front of all the other riders. Following closely behind her though was her sister Makayla Rimbas who made three for three for second position on the day. Unfortunately, Ella Foley dropped behind in the first moto however because Lara O’Leary, Darcey Forrest and Chloe Collis all move up a position. In the second moto Ella regained herself and made her way from seventh to fourth, with Chloe Collis moving from fourth to third and Lara O’Leary from eight to seventh. Addison Orr and CJ Sheahen were not so lucky as they dropped a few positions from the start. The third and final moto of the day saw many of the riders including Pyper Kent keep their cool and maintain some steady racing.

1st Leah Rimbas #929
2nd Makayla Rimbas #110
3rd Chloe Collis #153

Quads Comp 90cc 9-U13 Years

Jack Lobb kept it graceful in first position for all of the three races on the day. The first moto saw Riona Schmid fall into fourth place however that meant that riders Rohan Schmid and Harlee Young were able to move up into the positions of third and second. Sari lough kept it quiet at the back of the pack probably having some fun of her own. Speaking of keeping it quiet, that is exactly what race two for the 90cc Quad Comp class was; with the blue skies up above, it was hard not to keep your mind off of just having some fun out on the track. The last race was just as nearly as exact as the second however this time Jack Lobb finished first followed by Rohan Schmid in second, Harlee Young in third, Riona Schmid in fourth and Sari Lough in fifth.

1st Jack Lobb #16
2nd Harlee Young #87
3rd Rohan Schmid #262

85cc-150cc 12-U16 Years

There was a tremendous battle in the first between Deacon Paice and Dylan Walsh for first place. Deacon managed to push past Dylan in the first lap to keep first however Dylan astonishingly overtook Deacon in the third lap to come away with the win in the first moto. Rhal Selway passed Isaac Atkins to grab fifth place while Summer Mills and Mackinnley Orr dropped to thirteenth and fourteenth which then saw Ricky Edwards moved up to twelfth, Kai Smith into eleventh and Max Devery into tenth. The second moto saw the top two riders keep the same positions while Tate Paganini secured third place over Isaac Atkins who dropped into fifth position behind Bailey Smith who placed fourth. The third and final moto saw many keep it steady in their own positions however Rhal Selway dropped a few places which lead to many riders creeping up a position or two in the race. Mitchell Ackland overtook Taj Read to claim seventh while Zane Garraway and Charlie Bartlett impressively overtook some riders to place thirteenth and fifteenth respectively.

1st Dylan Walsh #61
2nd Deacon Paice #621
3rd Bailey Smith #51

50cc Auto

As exceptional as ever the 50cc Auto class is always entertaining to watch. While practice saw some captivating crashes, all riders managed to keep going for the day. The first moto for the class saw all riders keeping it to themselves with no major passes except of that between Noah Thomas and Van Haberley, to which Noah claimed tenth over Van who placed eleventh. Mason Brown unfortunately was not able to keep top place in the second race and fell behind into last position however he redeemed himself in moto three coming in first. The second race however did see Deegan Fort come in first with Nate Tomerini in second and Ollie Birkitt in third. Charlie Butler went back and forth a bit but managed to finish in sixth place. The last race of the day for this class saw Charlie Butler overtake Sol Pellicano in the first lap to secure sixth while there was a bit of a struggle at the back of the pack between riders of Sonny Fiford, Van Haberley and Noah Thomas for the positions of ninth, tenth and eleventh.

1st Deegan Fort #102
2nd Nate Tomerini #437
3rd Mason Brown #658

85cc/150cc 9-U12 Years

It was no doubt that champion rider Kayden Minear would give the spectators a show and come away with some super wins for all three races of the day. Not be forgotten Patrick Butler also managed to stay in second for all three of the races as well. Taj Moore and Jake Rumens battled it out for fifth place however Sonny Pellicano stole the show and overtook Taj to come into sixth place behind Jake. It was the last lap of the first moto that saw Jack Bakker pass Indy Radcliffe to come away with eighth. Kai McGinty made his way from sixth position into third in the second moto while Indy managing to get revenge on Jack and overtake to claim ninth position over Jack who placed tenth. Nate Graham and Jet Keenan had a small battle at the start as did Chase Towns, Clay Medling and Sky Graham; not miss out though riders Kian Barnes, Jake Hosking and Riley Moes also fought it out in a pack of their own. Brayden Upperton and Nate Graham kept it super in the middle of the chaos that was happening between the riders in front of them and also behind in moto three.

1st Kayden Minear #104
2nd Patrick Butler #218
3rd Kai McGinty #407

100cc-125cc 13-U16 Years

The EXP Resources 100cc-125cc 13-U16 Years class kept it radiant throughout all races on the day with riders fantastically not getting into that much trouble while out on the track. Cody Chittick, Liam Atkinson and Brock Flynn all managed to keep their positions of firth, second and third the same in race one while there was a bit of a struggle between Jake Turner, Camball McMahon and Seth Manuel; Seth got the better of the two riders and overtook them both to place fourth in the end. Special mention to Ben Cook who came from nineteenth place and race to the best of his ability to finish thirteenth. Moto two saw Camball McMahon fall behind and also only finish one lap however all riders were able to move up a position at least once within the moto, which probably gave some riders motivation to give it their all for the last race of the day. The last and final moto saw a few changeovers here and there with Kayne Alexander, Jeremiah Edward, Mason Payne, Kacey Kings, Kaj Radcliffe, Seth Manuel, Brock Flynn and Cody Chittick all pushing themselves to finish a place above.

1st Cody Chittick #39
2nd Liam Atkinson #27
3rd Brock Flynn #60

Quad Comp 250cc 13-U16 Years

A roaring practice for the 250cc Quad Comp class with riders going out onto the track and unfortunately having a few mishaps here and there with some riders stalling and crashing into the barriers. The first race of the day saw Joshua McQuade out in front of riders Deegan Lough and Amira Schmid who both passed Nichole McDonnell. Amba Boland and Jayde Merrylees got the better and placed over Jack Sawyer who fell to the back of the group. The second moto saw both Joshua and Amira keep their first and second positions respectively while Jack Sawyer did not make any laps at all. Nichole McDonnell got some motivation back and raced hard to secure fifth position. The last race of the day was where the action was at. It was Amira and Nichole who came in first and second place while Joshua fell into fourth place.

1st Joshua McQuade #14
2nd Amira Schmid #945
3rd Nichole McDonnell #42

65cc 7-U10 Years

What a day for the 65cc class with lots of riders battling it out for podium finishes. If you turned up to WAJMCC to watch the action hopefully you didn’t miss out on the spectacular racing from some of Western Australia’s best junior riders with, without a doubt turn into some future MX champions. Mason Brown pushed out in front for the younger class of the 65cc’s. Deegan Fort managed to get in front of Nate Tomerini for the first race however he wasn’t so lucky in races two or three with Nate securing second over him. The first race also saw riders Devin Buckley and Riley Fiford keep it close with only a two second difference between them. Moto two was marvellous with Reece Beenham, Ollie Birkitt, Devin Buckley and Damian Leighton all keeping on each other’s backs to fight for the top positions. Riders Albie Reeve, Damian Leighton, Luke Towns, and Luca Novello also put on some great racing with all riders pushing themselves in race three.

1st Mason Brown #658
2nd Nate Tomerini #437
3rd Deegan Fort #102

65cc 10-U12 Years

While the younger class of the 65cc’s had a show of their own, it was the older 65cc’s riders who put on a brilliant demonstration of determination and skillset. Kayden Minear was not to be messed with on this day, as again he dominated the track and came away three for three in first place. Twelve seconds was the time difference between first and second for the first moto, however that didn’t stop Patrick Butler from securing a podium position. Chad Wilson, Kaidan Freight and Rohan Schmid battled it out for ninth, tenth and eleventh place in their class in the first race also. The second race only saw a difference of three seconds between champion rider Kayden and rider Patrick, clearly Patrick got some inspiration and decided to test the track a bit with Kayden and close the gap between them even further. The last race saw Sonny Pellicano and Jake Rumens keep it close with the two battling it out for third and fourth, but Sonny got ahead to finish in third.

1st Kayden Minear #104
2nd Patrick Butler #218
3rd Sonny Pellicano #111

An exceptional day of racing by all riders at WAJMCC; with many giving some heart-stopping moments to both spectators and parents alike. A big thank you to all the officials, volunteers, parents, family members and riders who made the day one to remember. Next on the agenda for Junior racing is WJMC, where Round 5 is being held. A track that some call home and for some can be quite daunting; never the less it will be another fantastic day full of action and plenty of dirt. Round 5 at WJMC will be on Sunday the 25th of August. Be sure to keep up to date with WAMX by following us on Facebook, Instagram and even watch our YouTube videos. See you out there!

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