From pink ruffled tutu’s to newly stickered jerseys and bikes, the Junior Motocross riders put on a show on the 14th of September for Round 6 of the WAMX Make Smoking History State Junior Motocross Championship Series. The final round brought out determination more than ever before as this last round was the forefront for securing the championship. While the day was serious for those wanting a podium finish, there was some fun to be had for everyone who dressed up in their best pink to support The National Breast Cancer Foundation. A small bit of rain didn’t stop those riders from pushing hard and pulling through out on the track. Even though the Manjimup Motorcycle Club has hosted other champions from near and far in the past, this day certainly showcased the future champion motocross riders of Western Australia.

The EXP Resources 100cc-125cc 13-U16 Years Class was nail-biting at Manjimup. The riders have been demonstrating their best all year round to finish at the top. It was certainly a battle on the day between Cody Chittick, Liam Atkinson and Brock Flynn who managed to secure first, second and third at the end of the day. The first moto saw Liam drop down into third while Cody and Brock pushed in front. Jake Turner was impressive as well with an improvement of starting from ninth to finish sixth while Ricki Edwards also rode the high wave starting from sixteenth to finish ninth. Final podium for the day:

1st Cody Chittick #39
2nd Liam Atkinson #27
3rd Brock Flynn #60

The Boxline Industries 128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U16 Years Class was thrilling for the last round. The first moto saw Cody Chittick overtake Liam Atkinson at the start while Will Rush managed to keep a good pace in third position. Jordan Johnson moved down a couple of positions however that let others move up into the top places. One of those riders was Seth Manuel who went from starting at sixth to finish fourth in the first moto. The second moto was calm and so was Cody; again, taking first position throughout while Liam managed to pass Brock to secure second position. Unfortunately, the third moto wasn’t a lucky one for Liam who was pushed back into seventh place from a starting point of second. Jake turner managed to rev the throttle a little more and found himself from sixth to fourth. Final podium for the day:

1st Cody Chittick #39
2nd Brock Flynn #60
3rd Liam Atkinson 327

Quads Comp 90cc 9-U13 Years Class has some good racing on the day with six riders in total taking to the track. Jack Lobb secured first position in the first moto closely followed by Harlee Young in second, Rohan Schmid in third, Riona Schmid in fourth, Liam Hazell in fifth and Sari Lough in sixth. The second moto on the day was quite calm with all riders keeping their starting positions the same. Moto three saw Harlee’s riding cut short which meant the others were able to move up a position. Rohan Schmid got the better and managed to pass Riona to take second in the last race of the day. Final podium:

1st Jack Lobb #16
2nd Rohan Schmid #262
3rd Riona Schmid #632

The final Girls 7-U12 Years round was exciting. Six eager riders were lined up at the start and all six had a fantastic day as well. The first moto saw some of the girls testing out the track and it also saw Darcey Forrest overtake CJ Sheahen in the first lap as well. The second moto saw all riders keep the same starting positions with Leah Rimbas in first, Makayla Rimbas in second, Darcey Forrest in third, CJ Sheahen in fourth, Lara O’Leary in fifth and Ella Foley in sixth. The last and final race of the day was where it was at for these girls. It was a who’s guess as to what riders took the final positions. Leah went all the way from first down to last to finally securing second place while sister Makayla grabbed first position while some ups and downs also for the other riders with Ella Foley passing CJ while CJ dropped down a few positions. Final podium on the day:

1st Leah Rimbas #929
2nd Makayla Rimbas #110
3rd Darcey Forrest #166

The older of the 85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years Class was energetic and delivered fantastic racing. Deacon Paice kept it steady in the first moto, taking out first position with Dylan Walsh hot on his tail in second and Bailey Smith in third. Towards the end of the first race, there was a bit of a battle between Tate Paganini and Rhal Segway with Tate passing Rhal to take fourth position and Mitchell Ackland and Ricki Edwards also doing some passing of their own. The second race had Deacon in first place again with Dylan in second and Tate in third this time. Bailey dropped down into fourth position while riders Rhal, Mitchell, Elijah Thorn and Cody Haisma all managed to move up a few places. The last race was a fight to the end with Deacon, Dylan, Bailey and Tate all keeping their same positions of first, second, third and fourth all the way through with no passing at all. Final podium:

1st Deacon Paice #621
2nd Dylan Walsh #61
3rd Bailey Smith #51

The younger 85cc/150cc 9-U12 Years Class was tremendous on the day. The final round brought out the fierce competitiveness in some while others were there for the fun (and maybe show off their fabulous pink tutu’s). The first moto saw Kayden Minear take to the lead with Taj Moore in second and Sonny Pellicano in third. Charlie Weightman had a good start however dropped out in the third lap. Patrick Butler went from fourth to second however finished fourteenth in the end. The second race wasn’t quite as busy as the first however Kayden still kept at it in first position with Kai McGinty in second and Taj Moore in third. Unfortunately, Taj dropped a few places in the third moto of the day but that didn’t stop the other riders from pushing through. Kayden took first with Patrick in second and Kai in third. Final podium:

1st Kayden Minear #104
2nd Taj Moore #165
3rd Sonny Pellicano #111

A dazzling display by the 50cc Auto Class, with all riders putting their best feet (or throttles) forward. Young gun Mason Brown took first position in the first race of the day with Deegan Fort in second and Nate Tomerini in third. Dylan Robinson got a good pass over Sol Pellicano within the first lap however Ryder Bolland wasn’t so lucky when he dropped a few positions with Brax Johnson, Joel Leech and Albie Reeve all managing to overtake. The track was good for these riders on the day as the second moto saw the majority of riders keep a steady pace all the way round. The final race on the day saw again Mason keep first position with Deegan in second and Nate in third while there was a bit of a battle between riders of Albie Reeve and Charlie Butler, Ryder Bolland, Joel Leech and Noah Thomas and Sol Pellicano and Brax Johnson. Final podium for the day:

1st Mason Brown #658
2nd Deegan Fort #102
3rd Nate Tomerini #437

The Quad Comp 250cc 13-U16 Years Class kept it professional on the day. Terrific racing from all those who lined up at the gates. Joshua McQuade took out first position in the first race of the day with Nichole McDonnell in second and Amba Boland in third. Unfortunately, Deegan Lough struggled a bit and was pushed back into sixth position. The second race was a bit calmer with not many passes except with Jack Sawyer and Amba Boland overtaking Nichole within the first lap. The final race on the day saw a steady pace for the first three positions however Amba Boland and Jayde Merrylees had a bit of a bump in between the second and third lap. Amira Schmid and Joshua Hazell moved up a position while Bailey Langridge fell behind a bit. Final podium:

1st Joshua McQuade #14
2nd Deegan Lough #34
3rd Keenan Murphy #636

The younger of the 65cc 7-U10 Years Class was remarkable to watch with Mason Brown pushing hard for all three races. Ryley Fiford had a good day with a few struggles here and there. Luca Novello kept at a good pace for all three rounds on the day as well. An easy breeze in the first race for riders Ollie Birkitt and Damian Leighton while Albie Reeve, Deegan Fort and Jensen Muir had to battle it out at the back of the pack to move forward a few positions. Final podium:

1st Mason Brown #658
2nd Ryley Fiford #543
3rd Luca Novello #276

The older 65cc 10-U12 Years Class was full of thrill and great racing. Kayden Minear, Patrick Butler and Sonny Pellicano didn’t have any troubles in the first race with all three respectively keeping first, second and third positions throughout. The positions from these riders all kept the same in the second moto. Indy Radcliffe managed to move up into seventh position for this race as well. A battle in the third moto for the top riders with Kayden changing from third back to second and Jake Rumens moving into second then to third and Patrick Butler taking out first position. Final podium:

1st Kayden Minear #104
2nd Patrick Butler #218
3rd Sonny Pellicano #111

A massive thanks to not only the Manjimup Motorcycle Club however all clubs this year, who have hosted the WAMX Make Smoking History State Junior Motocross Championship Series, the volunteers, officials, families, riders and everyone else for making 2019 great. From those who put in their time and dedication to photography and videography, the officials for live timing, adjudicating, clerk of course, steward and every other role, a big thank you! While the series might be over, we wish all those the best and hope to see you at the final round up.

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