Another big turnout for the 2nd round of the Healthway, Smarter than smoking Junior State Championships. With a chilly start before sunrise, the sun was a welcome appearance in the pits, the rain held off and it turned into a beautiful day for riding.

First to take to the line, after practice, were the 128-150cc/250cc 13-U15. With Connor Teirney winning the 1st race, it was Stuart Eardley-Wilmot who used the home track to his advantage taking out the next two races. Liam Whisler also having a good run with Justin Hart not far off either. With Stuart finishing 1st overall with 2-1-1, Connor 2nd with 1-4-3, Liam one point off Connor in 3rd with 4-2-2, Justin in 4th with 3-3-5 and Max Vlasich rounding out the top 5.

The 85/150cc 9-U12 had a good turnout with 27 riders, the 1st race had alot of ups and downs with top riders going down, it left the rest of the field fighting it out. Navrin Grothues was consistent, holding onto the win and 1st for the day, while Regan Duffy had the rare bad race but took out the next 2 wins. Brady Gilmore also consistent holding onto 3rd leaving Jacob Daniels and Corben Weinert in 4th and 5th place overall, each finishing with 54 points. So Navrin taking 1st with a 1-2-2, Regan in 2nd with 6-1-1 and Brady in 3rd with 3-4-3.

With another perfect run in the 85/150cc 12-U14, Caleb Grothues had a flawless run, winning all 3 races with nearly 40secs on his closest competitor in every race. With only 3 points between 2nd and 4th the boys were fighting it out in every race, Billy Middleton holding onto 2nd over Kurt Oinn, Tom West and Jono Hartley finishing in the top 5. Caleb 1st with 1-1-1, Billy 2nd with 4-2-3 and  Kurt in 3rd with 3-3-4.

From 33 riders in the 1st Big wheel class to only 11 in the 85/150cc 14-U16, the battles were just as good, as Jaden Tate and Corey Draper shared the wins, changing the lead several times each race, with Gavin Heggs and Jared Connor not far behind. Although Corey won the 1st race, it was Jaden who took out 1st overall with 2-1-1. Corey 2nd with 1-2-2, Gavin 3rd with 3-4-4, Jared in 4th with 5-5-3 and Aiden Johnstone rounding out the top 5.

The 50cc 7-U9 had plenty of action with Liam Atkinson winning the 1st and 3rd races but problems with his bike saw him come into the pits and lose his points in the second race. Leaving Tylar Solomon to take the top step of the podium at the end of the day. Bailey Smith and Mitchell Kendle also right up there. Tylar finishing the day 1st with 2-1-2, Bailey holding 2nd with 4-2-3, Bunbury’s Mitchell taking 3rd with 3-3-4, Liam in 4th with 1-0-1 and also from Bunbury, Jayden Helgeland finishing in the top 5.

The 65cc 10-U13 had Regan Duffy making no mistakes as he won every race over Corben Weinert. With usual front runner’s Jacob Daniels and Brady Gilmore not having the best luck most of the day, it left a big space for the younger riders to make up ground in the overall points. Christian Silvestro, Navrin Grothues, and Tyler Mitchell were happy to step in. Regan claiming 1st with 1-1-1, Corben 2nd with 2-2-2, Christian in 3rd with 6-5-3, Navrin in 4th with 4-4-7 and 5th place going to Bunbury boy Tyler with 3-6-9.

The combined 100/125cc 13-U15 and 15yrs saw Bunburys Baylee Webb win the 1st and 3rd races but he didn’t take the home track advantage into the 2nd race as he came off, managing to finish in 7th place and still 2nd for the day. Connor Teirney took the win in the 2nd and stayed top 3 for the other 2 races, holding the top spot overall, with Justin Hart consistent in 3rd overall, only 2 points off Baylee. 4th and 5th going to Jack Bright and Max Vlasich. So Connor in 1st with 3-1-2, Baylee in 2nd with 1-7-1 and Justin in 3rd with 2-2-4.

Next up were the 65cc 7-U10s, Bunbury boy Dylan Vivian took off fast, grabbing the holeshot from Jasyn Roney, but as they went on, Dylans bike started losing power giving Jasyn a free run to take the win. The 2nd race saw the same problem and a borrowed bike in the 3rd didn’t give him much luck either, the biggest thing with these races was that Dylan never gave up, still holding off the other kids to still finish 4th overall. Jasyn riding faultlessly all day taking all 3 wins with Seth Manuel and Myles Gilmore left to battle 2nd and 3rd for the day. Jasyn 1st with 1-1-1, Seth 2nd with 2-2-3, Myles in 3rd with 4-3-2, Dylan holding 4th with 3-5-4 and Evan Browne rounding out the top 5.

The little 50cc Demo class, never fails to show us determination, as they battled not just each other but the track, giving 100%, they are great to watch, awesome job to Jake Rumens, Tyson Silvestro, Jaylee Rimbas, Dylan Dixon, Campbell Black, Zayne Trebilcock, Taj Moore, Tommy Doggen, Kayden Minear and Jedd Paterson.

Last but not least the 128-150cc/250cc 15 years, had some fantastic racing with the top 5 all riding consistently, 1st and 2nd held their spots all day and 3rd, 4th and 5th sharing it around with only 3 points between them. It was Jake Pruiti who held onto 1st over Jake Fewster in 2nd, which left Ryan Scarlett, from Bunbury, Mackenzie Shepherd and Jesse Free to fight it out. Pruiti, 1st with 1-1-1, Fewster in 2nd with 2-2-2, Ryan in 3rd with 6-3-3 and Mackenzie and Jesse even in 4th and 5th with 52 points.

With an almost perfect day, a few minor injuries at 1st aid, the track and grounds were fantastic and a big well done to the Bunbury club for a great round. Thank you to all the volunteers and the behind the scene helpers. Huge Thanks to our sponsors, Healthway, Smarter than smoking and MWA, also to Murray Wests EMG, Chain Reaction, True Spirit Photos, PCW and Goldfields People hire. To the clubs, officials, families and riders for the constant support, we will see you all at the 3rd Round to be held at the hard pack track of the Lightweight MC club at Byford. Entries close 2/6/13 and late entries until 9/6/13.

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