The WAMX Make Smoking History State Junior Girls Championship was hosted by the West Australian Junior Motocross Club, these two rounds were run as part of the Chidlow 2 Day Challenge, with Round 1 on Saturday and Round two on Sunday.

There were two championship classes on offer Girls 7-U12 years and the Girls 12-U16 years. This was the inaugural year the younger age group and it was great to see both classes get enough entries to ensure the girls got to race.

Round one on Saturday was dry, warm and dusty and this made the hard pack track very fast.  Avril Gill, Sophie Ablett, Madyline Drewett, Phoebe Bronwin, Kate Luyten and Hannah Stewart were on the start for the day.  There was some great racing from the girls with some great battles between Sophie, Hannah and Avril for positions on the podium. Gill took all three moto wins for the day and claimed top spot for round one with Ablett in second and Stewart in third.

In the Girls 7-U12 years was a family affair with Jaylee Rimbas, Makayla Rimbas, Leah Rimbas lining up on the start alongside Pyper Kent and Lara O’Leary. Jaylee and sister Leah lead the racing with some tough battles up the front and it looked like Jaylee would secure all three moto’s but an unlucky fall in the third moto saw Leah take the win. Jaylee Managed to take the round win ahead of Leah in second and Makayla rounding out the top three.

Day two and a new round for the girls, track conditions were totally different with rain over night and drizzle throughout the day made the track very slippery.  The wet track seemed to suit Jaylee Rimbas in the Girls 7-U12 years and she took all three moto wins ahead of sister Leah Rimbas who suffered a fall in moto one but managed to get up and reclaim her position. Jaylee holds the red plate for series ahead of sisters Leah and Makayla with Lara O’Leary in fourth and Pyper Kent in fifth.

The Girls 12-U16 years and it was Avril Gill out in front again taking all three moto wins, however Hannah Stewart was suited to the slippery conditions and managed to finish second in every moto on the day. Sophie Ablett seemed to struggle in the conditions but the were some great battles between her and Phoebe Bronwin for third.  Avril took first on the podium for the round, with Hannah in second and Sophie holding on for third on the day by just two points.  Avril Gill holds the red plate for the series ahead of Hannah Stewart and Sophie Ablett in third, Phoebe Bronwin only 10 points behind in fourth Kate Luyten in fifth and Madyline Drewett in sixth.

Will Jaylee Rimbas be able to hold off her sisters in the sand?  Will Avril Gill be able to stay ahead of Hannah Stewart? The next round for the girls will be held at the Kid of the Sand at Wanneroo Junior Motocross Club on the 12th of August 2018 where two girls will become State Junior Motocross Champions.

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