Well a new season of the Healthway, Smarter then smoking, Junior WAMX is quickly approaching and again the dedicated families are preparing for another fast paced, action packed calendar year. This year there we are back to 6 state rounds, 4 in the metro area and 2 in the country, we see Kalgoorlie back in for the 1st round over the Easter break.

2014 will kick off at the furthest track for the year, Kalgoorlie’s Ken Marshall complex hosting both Junior and Senior rounds over the long weekend of April 19th/20th. Always a great atmosphere when the Juniors and Seniors meet together and with the hard pack track, it should look at being an awesome weekend. Look out for Connor Tierney and Seth Manuel as the home track should give them a great start to the season.

The 2nd round will be held on the 18th May, in Bunbury, the first of the sand tracks. Always so well prepared, it should show some fast, action packed riding. Love or hate the sand, it has produced some fast riders with the likes of 3x state champ Baylee Webb and Stuart Eardley-Wilmot up there too, we should see some big things from this track.

Lightweight MCC in Byford will be host to round 3 on the 29th June, the second hard pack track. Always great to watch as they have some big jumps and great viewing of the whole track from the centre, means you can see all of the action. A big club with a large number of members means heaps of racing! It never fails to provide fast entertaining racing as the track changes over the day.

The forth state round held on the 27th July will see us head up the Perth hills to the Junior track of Chidlow. A hard, fast track with some big jumps, recently given a touch up, it should have a big turnout being a junior only club. Watch for Jacob Schaafsma and Liam Atkinson, both took home a State championship #1 trophy last season, we see Liam step up to the 65cc class, both will be awesome to watch.

Next we head to the beautiful Coastal club, August 17th. The second sand track of the season, it too is either loved or hated but always has a fantastic day of racing, with easy viewing around the whole track, you won’t miss a moment of the action. Keep an eye out for locals Gavin Heggs, Liam Whisler and “tiny but mighty”, Lewis Collier, who all give it 100%

Then they have saved the sandiest track for the lucky last round of the WAMX…Wanneroo, on the 14th September. If you can master this track, you can master anything with some of WAs finest coming from this track including Regan Duffy and Caleb Grothues, who both keep going from strength to strength. It will be a final worth watching as they take to the track and all the kids are racing to win.

Good luck to all the competitors and make sure you are familiar with all the Supp Regs and GCR’s. There is no excuse to not know anything, if in doubt ask! Remember to bring your flaggies, they are the most important people on the track as without them, no one can ride!

With bar and canteen facilities at all the tracks and all overlooking the action,there is no excuse to miss any of it. It should be a great year, with fantastic tracks and friendly people. Bring the family down to watch these awesome kids, from all over the state, as far away as Albany, Manjimup and up to Kununurra and Newman. Thanks to all the dedicated families who make this sport great. Again a huge thanks to our sponsors and supporters, Healthway, Smarter then smoking, Perthmx, True Spirit Photos, MWA and all the officials who work hard at keeping everything running smoothly and fairly! Here’s to a fantastic 2014. See you all bright and early in Kalgoorlie….book accommodation now!

Junior WAMX Dates

Kalgoorlie, 19th April
Bunbury, 18th May
Byford, 22nd June
Chidlow, 27th July
Coastal, 17th August
Wanneroo, 14th September

Look out for any updates or information on MWA, wamx.com.au or facebook Wamx Junior