The 15th of June brought the second round for the WAMX Make Smoking History State Junior Motocross Championships kindly hosted by Collie Motorcycle Club at Stockton Park. With a downpour of rain earlier on during the week, it was a guess as to what the track would look like coming into the weekend; never the less, a great track prep made the condition look well coming into the weekend. Though what could have been described as out of a horror movie there was fog as far as the eye could see (if you could see), but thankfully clearing up just in time for those juniors about to rip up the track.  A fantastic day for all, WAMX would like to thank those who put their best foot forward and also Collie Motorcycle Club to make the second round for the Juniors a great one and we look forward to the next!

50cc Auto

Positions of first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth were quite stable between riders Mason Brown, Deegan Fort, Nate Tomerini, Ollie Birkitt, Albie Reeve and Xander Conduit in the first moto for the 50cc Auto. Many chop n changes from those racing from seventh onwards however all riders secured themselves coming into the last moto with many staying in the same position. The second moto saw a las minute position switch between Van Haberley and Jaidyn Miles with eventually Jaidyn coming in ninth and Van in eleventh, but not to say that it was definitely good to see a bit of edge with those pushing themselves forward on the track. Mason Brown managed to dominate all moto’s for the day coming in first with Deegan Fort in second and Nate Tomerini in third.

65cc 7-U10 Years

A two for two for Mason Brown who again dominated all of the moto’s in the younger class for the 65cc. It is always spectacular watching both the younger and older 65cc’s combined in the one class as it gives everyone motivation to race their best and it certainly shows, with maybe some future Chad Reed’s in the making for a few! The last moto saw a few coming into the chequered flag with only seconds to spare. All less than a few seconds between Devin Buckley, Deegan Fort and Ryley Fiford. In the end it was Mason Brown in first, Devin Buckley in second and Ryley Fiford in third.

65cc 10-U12 Years

A race pack at that, Kayden Minear, Seth Shackleton and Sonny Pellicano all racing with less than twenty seconds between all of them. The last moto saw Jake Rumens move up to third position to overtake Patrick Butler, Indy Radcliffe and Sonny Pellicano. With it being the second round for the year, it saw some juniors push themselves harder and better with many keeping a close tail on each other all the way up to eighth position with less than a minute between them all. Kayden Minear grabbed first place with Seth Shackleton in second and Sonny Pellicano in third, will these three keep a hold of their positions leading into the next rounds; who will be our champion?

85cc/150cc 9-U12 Years

We could literally copy and paste a couple of the sentences from the 65cc 10-U12 Years section as again Kayden Minear and Seth Shackleton seemed to have won this class as well. But not without a few changes with the first moto seeing Patrick Butler maintain a steady second with Kai McGinty in third and Seth Shackleton in fourth, while there was a bit of a battle between Nate Graham, Chantz Napier and Brayden Upperton. The second moto saw a bit more action with many still trying to find their place with Jack Bakker managing to come from twelfth to eight position and Taj Moore going to seventh to finally fourth. On the podium at the end of the day saw Kayden Minear in first, Seth Shackleton in second and Patrick Butler in third.

85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years

A battle between Deacon Paice and Dylan Walsh on the day with moto one seeing Deacon keeping a steady flat first, then moto two moving into second with Dylan into first and the final moto seeing Deacon and Dylan swap with Dylan securing a first. Massive congratulations to those who saw themselves move up a few positions within the first moto. From changes of eleventh to fourth by Tate Paganini, twelfth to sixth by Mitchell Ackland and from twentieth to seventh by Cobey Brown. A perfect twist of positions in the end for the second moto by Elijah Thorn and Zane Garraway with Elijah coming in seventeeth and Zane in nineteenth. The final chequered flag saw Dylan Walsh in first, Deacon Paice for second and Bailey Smith in third.

100cc-125cc 13-U16 Years

A few rough changes in the beginning for this class with a few nearly clicking boots with each other during the first lap of the first moto, with a lot of cross overs in the end between riders. Just before the final wave of the chequered flag in this class, saw a cross between Jake Turner for third and Seth Manuel in fourth position; Dylan Walsh going back and forth for sixth and seventh with Brock Flynn; West Reid and Ben Cook having a casual change at the end; Brayden Pizzino and Jye Tomerini; Kayne Alexander and Mason Payne and finally Hayden O’Leary and Zac Saffioti all having what seemed to be like drawing a final ‘X marks the spot’ position change, (refer to MyLaps for this reference). However, we didn’t see this fantastic ‘X’ riding material in the second and third moto’s with most knowing where they wanted to be and stuck to it. On the podium at the end was Camball Mcmahon in first, Brock Flynn in second and Cody Chittick in third.

128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U16 Years

The race that many seem to look forward to on the day with those riders exceeding expectations on the track, with them being the ones to watch before they move into the senior classes. Moto one for the class saw many just gun it out of the start gate to pick a line and be stick it for the rest of the day like gum on the bottom of a shoe. A few changes of position between sixth, seventh and eighth by Will Rush, Jordan Johnson and Jay White but they managed to hold steady and keep a straight line for themselves in the first moto. Braaping all the way in the second moto, riders held firm for their positions with finally going all out in the third moto of the day. Liam Atkinson held first for all laps with eventually landing first on the podium, Seth Manuel moved up to second with him securing a second place and Cody Chittick in third on the podium.

Girls 7-U12 Years

A good start to the first round of the Girls class with eight riders on the line. Many excited for what was to be their first round and more so some even being their first state event. Double trouble with Rimbas sisters Leak and Makayla coming through and grabbing first and second and Lara O’Leary on the podium with a third place. Not without a battle between all of these girls, they rode just as fiercly as any boy would with position changes between Chloe Collis, Leah Rimbas and Lara O’leary in the first moto. The second moto saw Leah and Makayla keep a steady first and second while Pyper Kent came from seventh to fourth. A final battle between all of the girls in the end with Darcey Forrest and Chloe Sheahen pushing themselves to make the final wave of the chequered flag.

Quads Comp 60-90cc 9-U13 Years

Keenan Murphy managed to keep it dead straight to land himself on the podium with a position of first at the end of the day. Followed closely by Jack M Lobb, Riona Schmid, Sari lough and Will Rice. The first race saw Riona Schmid push forward into third with Sari Lough keeping it cool with a fourth and Will Rice having fun in the back with a fifth. A nice changeover by Sari Lough who climbed through to a third in the second race over Will, with the third and final race seeing Riona going through into third over Sari. On the podium holding up those fantastic plates were Keenan Murphy in first, Jack M Lobb in second and Riona Schmid in third.

Quad Comp 250cc 12-U16 Years

Ten great competitors in the higher class of the quads on the day with an equal half being girls and the other boys. The first race saw a cross-over of positions between riders of Deegan Lough and Joshua McQuade; Amba Boland and Jayde Merrylees, Jack Sawyer and Nichole McDonnell and Jamen Harris and Bailey Langridge. It was almost like the first race was a warm up with many pacing themselves getting ready to dominate and give it all in the second with many finding themselves switching back and forth and viewing the back of riders again and again. Jayde, Jamen, Nichole, Jack and Amira all managed to get together and almost (almost) collide to have a chat for a minute but pushed onwards and got themselves into perfect positions which they held onto for the rest of the race. Race three saw most keep it calm and collected with a final podium of Joshua McQuade in first, Deegan Lough in second and Amba Boland in third. Special mention to Sienna Comito who got it out for practice but remained a spectator for the rest of the day.

A great day of racing with the third round for Juniors to be hosted by the new Cranbrook Motorcycle Club on the Saturday 6th of July. A round that many have been eager for with it being a whole new experience for all with a new condition of the track, the surrounds, jumps, twists and turns. Be sure to keep up to date with WAMX by following us on Facebook, Instagram and even watch our YouTube videos. We will see you all out there!

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