WAMX would like to inform the public and the motocross community that Round 2 of the WAMX State Junior and Senior Motocross Championships will not go ahead at Lightweight Motorcycle Club in Byford on the Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of May.

These are difficult times for everyone at the moment and we appreciate your patience and understanding for the postponement of our events. We are saddened that Round 1 and Round 2 have been postponed and will not go ahead as per the schedule, however the safety and health of everyone is our number one priority.

For those who have entered for Round 2 and for a Series Entry for 2020 you will be given a full refund as quickly as it can be processed.

WAMX will keep everyone informed as to what the operations for the State Series will be for 2020. We thank everyone for their support, and we hope to have continued support for the remainder of this year and next year. All attendees at events are reminded to follow the government’s advice, keep up hygiene and health routines, and if they feel unwell should not attend.
The postponement of these Rounds/Events have been taken into consideration with the new Government Implementations that have been into effect as of recent. Due to these regulations for the COVID-19, the decision was based off of the health and wellbeing for those attending the events. Please read below:

Mass Events Over 500
“Non-essential mass gatherings of more than 500 people are banned. Outdoor events of fewer than 500 attendees may proceed providing they follow the measures in place. See updated events and gathering information below”.
“All non-essential indoor gatherings of greater than 100 people (including staff) will no longer be permitted from Wednesday, 18 March 2020. A new one person per four square metres (2m x 2m) of floor space rule has been introduced. It applies to non-essential gatherings, in many different circumstances. It does not include places such as schools or the Parliament”.
“There may be other gatherings that are considered essential and it is at the discretion of the individual state and territory Chief Health Officers to determine if they will provide any exemptions to this restriction”.


The long wait for the 2020 Season is finally over with the release of the 2020 Championship Regulations and final approval of the Supplementary Regulations. These are available to you on our events page and entries are now Open on Register Now.

This year is going to be a bit different seeing the Junior ATV 60cc-90cc/85cc 125cc only at 3 rounds – Round 1, 3 and 6. And with the ATV up to200cc 2stroke/up to 250cc 4 stroke 13 – Under 16 contesting Round 4 at Northam on the Senior Round 4.

In the Seniors we see an interesting switch up of the Seniors running on Saturday at Rounds 2 and 6. Juniors competing on the Sunday, also that the Women’s Class will only appear at 4 rounds for 2020 – rounds 2,3,4 and 6.  All other classes remain the same with MX 1 and 2 B Grade riders once again being recognized being awarded 1,2,3 in both classes at the end of the year.

Support Classes for 2020, while the Demo 50’s will appear at each round their format has been changed from 3 x 5min demonstration appearances, they will now only appear 2 x 8min after practice each day.

Senior Boys and Girls, you’ve been asking for it…. dust off the 2 bangers with 2 Rounds of a 2 Stroke Cup (racing together but scored separate) 125/250 or above.  This will be run at Rounds 2 and 6.

We will also see the debut of the Rookie Cup, 85 Cup and the Young Gun 65 Cup, these will be one off events at Senior rounds 85 Cup 85BW 12 – U16 at Round 1. Rookie Cup 125/250 13-U16 at Round 3. Young Gun 65 Cup 7-U12 at Round 5.

End of Year Presentations will take place at Round 6 at the completion of each day to Crown the 2020 Champions, more details to follow closer to the date.

So start training everybody and see you all out there!


DATE: Thursday 10 January 2019
TIME: 7:00 pm
PLACE: Motorcycling WA offices – 25/168 Guildford Road Maylands

In accordance to the WAMX constitution we will be conducting an AGM as per the above information, all positions will be declared vacant.

As this is the committee responsible for the day to day running and organisation of the State Motocross Championship, we ask that you seriously consider coming on board and lending a hand, we will not ask you to do anything out of your comfort zone. We are looking for fresh vibrant motocross loving people to come along and help, share your ideas, help us promote Motocross in Western Australia, support the clubs and riders.

The positions up for election are:
Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer

Underpinning these positions are the Sub-Committees, these are really valued positions, your support in these positions is really appreciated:
Junior Coordinator :: the intermediary between the committee and the clubs, supporting the club ensuring they have all the information they need to run a successful round, sourcing sponsorship.
Senior Coordinator :: the intermediary between the committee and the clubs, supporting the club ensuring they have all the information they need to run a successful round, sourcing sponsorship.

Nomination forms are available by contacting the current secretary Kerry O’Leary via email: wamxsecretary@gmail.com
For further information the current committee are more than happy to chat to you.
Chairperson: Alison Norton :: wamxchairperson@gmail.com
Secretary: Kerry O’Leary :: wamxsecretary@gmail.com
Treasurer: Meaghan Andrews :: wamxtreasurer@gmail.com

Download the Forms:

WAMX was asked to produce feedback regarding the riders wants for what they would like to see in the next season. WAMX decided that the only truest and honest way to get this feedback was to survey the riders directly, while keeping it 100% anonymous, a simple on line survey was launched. Over a period of 2 weeks we received over 250 responses. The survey asked direct questions which can only be interpreted one way.

Question 1. How many state rounds would you prefer?

The resounding response was for 6 rounds with 135 people choosing this option.
5 rounds received 55, 4 rounds received 53 and 3 rounds received just 15.
I believe this result speaks for itself.

Question 2. What classes would your like to see in Snr’s?

People could select more than one of the options
Mx1 received 201
Mx2 received 201
Women received 167
Vets/Masters received 172
MxD received 122
Quads received 52

The interpretation of this is that part of our current formula is working. Unfortunately, when you pair up with some of the comments…quads are not looked upon favourably and there is call for them running their own series.

Question 3. What support classes would you like in Seniors?

People could select more than one option.
2 stroke cup received 141
Clubman received 118Junior Lites received 95
Other received 16 – suggestions of snr 125 class, vmx class, post classic class, also various junior classes.

Question 4. What would you like to see in Jnr championships?

Leave as is received 141
Combine jnr girls into normal rounds received 89
Others received 16 but no suggestions put forward other than No Quads.
We also asked for further constructive comments. Out of all the people that participated in the survey only 77 people left further comments.


Below is a copy of all the comments but a general overview is that people are saying Quads should have a stand-alone series and not be included in the 2 Wheel Series.

Definite call for return of the clubman classes and graded racing in seniors – as per comments.

Also gave us a view of some things that are concerning some Juniors with Bike compliancy to the allowable modification and what is, being done to some bikes.

Also indicated that people still do not understand that WAMX has no control over memberships, clubs and Licensing, round selection or Championship Regulations.

Comment responses:

  • Would like to see racing go back to the old classes ‘where it was fair and riders had a goal to go from clubman to inter then pro.
  • State rounds on a Saturday for juniors is painful as they miss a day from school.
  • Some more vet friendly tracks
  • Sorry but no quads. I would also like to see all the people that whinge and complain all year put their hand up and help out and get involved instead of bagging the events.
  • Have an C grade / Amateur class for full 6 roundsRun a couple of rounds over 2 days
  • Hey guys, I really think a mx D class would be a good idea. and definitely a 2 Stroke cup support class as everyone loves 2 strokes
  • Helmet cam rule needs to be scrapped holds back development of riders
  • Cheaper memberships
  • Make top 10 seeded riders in mx1 and mx2 be able to use the number they finished if they are racing that same class again! Looks much better with single digit numbers out racing
  • Bring back grading. Once you place an overall 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in an amature cup series, (not round) you must then race mx1/mx2 the next year.
  • Split the Pro classes and Clubman, most clubbies are intimidated by the Pro’s.
  • re-assess the rules on what is allowed to be changed/added/done to the bike in the 85cc class. if i was a new parent watching that race i woudnt even bother to enter my child. the front bikes are clearly modified. numbers are low but maybe add a stock 85cc class and get more kids involved. this class is a waste as only those with money can stand a chance.
  • If you run a double header weekend either combine junior and senior racing over the 2 days or give junior riders and pit crew free entry to the senior racing on the Sunday.
  • Not sure if feasible however as numbers within the Vets class are consistently down at state rounds although thriving at MA club runs & non MA Club’s. As only the top 6 from each class (Guys in the money) care about results there is a requirement to encourage vets with participation by way of a Rec licence to fill gates up, this generally means more family members spectating leading to increased crowds / better spectical. Please do not see this as disrespectful however if you check the vets video on the BSA site 2/09/18 I was involved with a full grid of 40 today, if our sport is seeking to increase its profile we may need to embrace such changes. Thanks
  • I like the MX1 and MX2 format, self scrutineering and that wanneroo junior was part of the 2018 senior series (a new track to the rounds was great fun). Finishing by 2-3pm has also been a big positive, I think more riders will come back if they know they aren’t going to be at the track until dark. Having 5 classes per round is a good number and the day moves well. The quads really changed the track at byford, which was really disappointing. Maybe in future it could be considered they have some stand alone events and only do the sand state rounds.
  • If possible, probably in the distant future, try to have multiple classes of senior quads as it’s always the same pros that dominate. Even if it’s run together but scored seperately
  • More promotion of the events to get spectator numbers up
  • More support for the quads
  • Open pits as we are all set up to pit from van
  • Piss the quads off
  • Masters should be over 50 years old
  • We need to band together and build something to help showcase our MX athletes to the general public and become more mainstream by educating those who don’t get our sport.
  • In order to keep riders and bikes in the sport for longer a Post Classic class would encourage riders to re enter the sport on bikes not ridden for years following kids, house, marriage ect.
  • Cut race time back so spectators can see closer racing. Have three quick sprint races then points added together to get over all points for that race.
  • Double headers hav been great should make them all like that & would rather 2 15min races than 3 short ones in the jnrs
  • Consolidate the championship. It drags out too long over the year.
  • When making a decision on the number of rounds. Please take into account the financial investment by the teams, sponsors are unlikely spending money on a 3 round series, and there no longer being opens, there is only club runs left
  • No more senior state rounds at junior tracks
  • Need to work on better organisation for the yearly race calender so avoid clashes of events, Need to try and build back fun open race events (perhaps one on the easter weekend to get the year going rather than a state round so early on)
  • Would love to see vets run more hard pack than sand tracks
  • Would prefer quads race there own events if possible. Different venues. 2 day state rds 2x races each day for a super round where more points are available.
  • Keep up the good work, no one knows the shit you all go through.
  • Quade state champs Junior and senior should have there own event. Track can be prepped to suit them
  • Include variety of south west tracks
  • I think there should be 4 state rounds, 2 in the city and 2 in the country, each year. Six is too many, the numbers drop off at the last two and it’s just getting unaffordable these days. I have been talking to a lot of people during the year about this and most feel the same way. Regards, Len Butler, MMCC.
  • Add the amateur cup for all rounds
  • A specific location for ALL teams to pit out side of the general rider pit area. A more flexible availability for this option to enter the specific area for the allowance to set up team set ups in the same location (with or with out trucks/ vans). This would definitely be a big step forward, raising the professionalism and over all look and image on the WA motocross community and be a bit more rewarding for the people running these teams to be able to be seperated from the individual riders but equally be able to display their team set ups together in their own area. Especially at these big events here in WA like the state titles. Making the process a more inviting/ easier option for people to look up to might lead to a bigger and better future with the level of effort people put into the sport over here.
  • Seniors on Saturdays and juniors on sundays on double header weekends
  • There needs to be more growth options for junior girls
  • Have double headers more often like the 2018 season
  • I would like to see the state round closer together. Trying to have a smaller time frame for “race season”. where people are having to outlay more money the longer the season is dragged out. I feel if it started Normal time but ended in early August. It would keep people fresh and keen. Instead of waiting for a long time for race days. Plus more maintenance on the bikes and effort to train for extended periods. That’s what I’d like to see after racing the series for 12 years. But very appreciative for what every one dose to keep motocross going in WA. Just my veiw.
  • Prize money More videography for juniors Longer practice session
  • 2 rounds of racing with longer distance. Drop the sprint. 3-4 state rounds will draw more entries and spectators and interest Feature races at each round 2T cup, jnr open shootout, 50cc feature race to show the adults of the young kids coming through. “Double headers” every round will open opportunities to clubs to 2 day events and bring back the king of cross and golden wheel as the calendar will be free especially if only 3 rounds of double headers instead of 12 weekends of the year being filledmof state rounds only 3-4…. Common sense.
  • State Round host club to gain greater support. Governing body officials to BYO flag marshals for Jnr & senior & all track/race officials at no expense which will leave clubs to manage other hosting roles such as canteen, camping/accommodation, track prep, site logistics. Small clubs struggle with man/women power to fill positions for club days let alone for state rounds and tend not to host for that reason. Cheaper state round entry for riders outside Perth metro radius. May encourage more regional riders to travel.
  • Have 8 rounds, and start grading people who should be A grade,
  • be good to change the day to Qualifying and 2x motos, 20mins or longer, to make the day go faster and easier for bike prep before each race. the races should be closer together to help keep bikes and riders fresh, i have found that after round 3 alot of riders are pulling out due to the large gaps and having to stay fit and prepped for months over the state round season. they lose interest and by the 5th 6th rnd the classes are half full. (big gaps between rounds means that we are putting alot more hours on our bikes training to stay fit and fast which ends up costing alot in maintenance and fuel).
  • I would prefer qualifying with two rounds of racing, make the motos two 20mins or longer, this will make the day go faster so people can get home and get ready for work. It also means less work that the faggys need to do. I would like to see the state rounds a lot closer together and not so spread out over the year. This keeps the bike fresher and everyone a lot keen.
  • Please finish the events earlier in the season so riders can have ample time to prepare for Junior Nationals and dont co-incide with National Rounds (junior or senior and supercross events) Keep up the double headers
  • Support your clubmen as they are your bread and butter.They come to each event and make up your numbers. Stop treating them like shit and your veteran as well or you are only going to have your top five riders turn up,boring just like the quads.quads destroy the track,piss them off.
  • Still have the 6 rounds but make the season shorter over like 4 months will save us a lot of money not having to ride and train for the majority of the year. And less chance of burning out with work, might keep other racers who arnt as serious more motivated to do all the rounds.. Also a arena x state championship at the end of the year maybe 4 rounds would be mint
  • Quads should have their own event. The numbers are always low for them and they destroy the track for the 2 wheelers so it doesnt form up properly. Also condense the time period for the state titles to help aleviate costs associated with maintaining a good condition race bike. All the rounds over 2 months max would be awesome. Another point is going to 2x 20-25 min motos instead of the 3. Setting up for each moto takes alot of time and the days would surely progress alot faster and make it more viable for more people to attend
  • State rounds have become as good as most club days. Open events have a better atmosphere an more relaxed. Having so many state championship rounds isnt a true relection of our state champs, just means the people that can afford to do all of them, or travel to them all will see there kids up the top. 9 classes is too many, may aswell get rid of the sprint races in moto two and have two longer motos. The commentary of junior events is poor, at least Nikki use to show a bit more excitement, would run the the whole riders list an not just focus on the same riders up front. Current commentary is boring, doesnt do anything for juniors. Double headers are also good, however the fact the senior trucks getting priority over decent pit spots is rubbish. How bout a few more country rounds, when I say country something that is a bit further than 2 hours from Perth.
  • The price is to expensive
  • Would be best to see A, B and C grades back as it used to be, the numbers have dropped 10fold since the change and it’s dissapointing to see
  • If possible bring the rounds closer together. Like 2 in a row 1 week off 2 in a row 2 weeks off then last 2 rounds. So people can commit to 2 to 3 months for the series without it been dragged over 6 months. Then rest of the year can have more open or club days
  • No more quads. Let them have their own series No one wants them there.
  • Trophies for all placing . Even though there not the top ten they have tried just as hard all championship as the top 3 or top 10 and deserve recognition just as much as the others.
  • No quads
  • Not to have a gap in the middle of the season with no racing. This season was longer but more drawn out
  • Every championship class should do side laps before every moto. Because of the new layout for the rounds we have plenty of extra time and the riders would very much appreciate it.
  • Sight laps for Mx1, Mx2, and girls championship classes. Super pole for top 5 qualifiers in Mx1 with a bonus 5-4-3-2-1 points system. Prize money down to 15th per round
  • Make series entry cheaper than entering all 6 rounds individually
  • I think we should have a no less than 6 state rounds, I also thinks that if a rider is to do a series entry the should receive some benefit (series entry= pay for five rounds and receive the 6th round free)
  • Bring the 6 rounds into a 3 month bracket
  • I feel that a lot more parents would put there kids up into the division 2 50cc autos as soon as they turned 7 if they were maybe a little more leaniant with the 7-9 year old children some of the over the top protocols should maybe be less strict on these little kids expecting these children to have no assistance is ridiculous.
  • Lower prices, or time to pay off through out the year
  • At the junior rounds Quads need to be taken out of the championship.
  • Reward top 3 B graders in the MX1 and MX2 classes at end of the season
  • Have more rounds 8 rounds would be mint
  • Bring back Clubman classes
  • Don’t race senior events at junior tracks
  • Run the series over 3 months, not 6 months. A lot of hard work keeping fit to wait so long between each round. Look at nationals set up!
  • Need to seperate grade classes again most my mates don’t wanna race as Mx 1 is full of pros, yea fair enough having amateur cup but still have b graders having to race with pros
  • Longer races Graded racing as per other states No quads

Lee Hogan's BCP WA 4 day Boot Camp

Lee Hogan’s BCP coaching program are heading back for their annual Western Australian Christmas Boot Camp, but for 2017 it will be a 4 Day Boot Camp instead of the usual 5.

The tracks include:

  • Monday 18th Dec- Byford (Lightweight)
  • Tuesday 19th Dec- Chidlow
  • Wednesday 20th Dec- Coastal
  • Thursday 21st Dec- Fitness Boot Camp (Kings Park)

The cost of the 4 day clinic is only $330 (which is the usual cost for a 3 Day Boot Camp).
Individual day entries are available at a cost of $150 per day.

After the Coastal day on the 20th December Lee and the BCP crew will be hosting an auction at the track for Ben Sainsbury who suffered severe spinal damage after a recent accident on the bike and is now a paraplegic. Signed jerseys from Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed, Jason Anderson, Zach Osborne and Hunter Lawrence will be auctioned off on the day with all proceeds going to Ben and his family.


  • 11 Times National MX/SX Champion Lee Hogan
  • WA Star racer Kyle Webster
  • WA super-coach Jay Tippet

Don’t miss out, only 8 spots remaining!

Contact Lee:
Tel: 0403882366


WAMX has negotiated with Lee Hogan for some places in his up coming Dec BCP Boot Camp here in Perth. So we have a number of spots available to sponsor a small number of our WA riders to this awesome coaching opportunity.

If you are a twowheel rider Junior or Senior, that can commit to 4 days in Dec to attend this camp, fill in the application form and get it back to us asap so that the lucky recipients can be chosen and announced.

We ask that applications be in no later than Monday 6th Nov so that they can be reviewed and selection can be done.

Follow the link to see the 2017 Championship Regulations released Today!!!




WAMX will be working over the next few weeks to finalise the 2017 Supplementary Regulations for submission to MWA and the Sporting Panel.


Watch this space for more information!!!


WAMX would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our kind sponsors for the 2016 Season.

We have had some great support from not only big Company’s but also some small businesses that share our passion for the sport of Motocross.

Healthway – Make Smoking History

McLeod Accessories – Bridgestone, M2R Helmuts, Dragon, Fly, DID Chains, FMF, Ryco, EVS

Perth MX

Phatcat Media

All Bikesport.com

True Spirit Photography

Fabry Films

The Panel Shop

Diamond Design

Midvale Yamaha

Savage Suzuki

Cully’s Yamaha

Tyres For Bikes


Storage King


Our planning for the 2017 series has already commenced and we are hard at work obtaining additional sponsors.  So if you know of a business that would like to take up the opportunity, even if in a small way, then ask them to contact me for further details  wamxtreasurer@gmail.com


Have a great off season to all and hope to see you all back next year.


There can be no better feeling for a racer to signal their season’s end with an emphatic state title glory, and Saturday’s final Make Smoking History WAMX Junior State Championships had many classes down to the wire to decide this year’s champions.


The Lightweight Motorcycle Club’s Hendley Park Byford fresh design layout would prove the winning formula for some riders, with others left to lament on what might have been, as the weather gods were on side laying out a picture perfect Spring Perth day.




Quads Limited 7-11Years

Brooke Hollins took the opening two moto wins to wrap up the overall round, as series leader Nichole McDonnell secured the final moto of the day to pick up second for the day and the state championship with Keenan Murphy taking third for the day.  Brooke Hollins secured second for the year with Kiera-Lily Buckley third for season 2016.


Quads Limited 7-11Years Round 6 Results:



Season Standings:

4 16 MEA DOWSETT 246


Quads Competition 8-12 Years

A scorecard of 1-1-2 was enough for the round win and to secure this year’s State Championship for Josh McQuade.  Deegan Lough was in fine form with a pair of second places and finishing the day with the last moto win to take the second step of the podium with Josh Squires third overall.    Keenan Murphy finished second for the year with Deegan Lough third for season 2016.


Quads Competition 8-12 Years Round 6 Results:



Season Standings

4 141 JOSH SQUIRES 240



Quads Blasters 12-16 Years

Jae Dowsett took out the round with a clean sweep and a perfect scorecard with every round win of the series to take out this year’s title.  Second for the day and second for the series was Jacob Bosustow with Andrew Soltoggio finishing the round and the year third overall.

Quads Blasters 12-16 Years Round 6 Results

1 37 JAE DOWSETT 105


Season Standings:

1 37 JAE DOWSETT 315

50cc Auto

Patrick Butler’s results (1-2-2) had him secure the round win from Seth Shackleton second and Kayden Minear third for the day, and enough points for Minear to wrap up the state championship title.  Jake Rumens had his starts dialled in across the day, with Sonny Pellicano putting in the hard yards with Charlie Weightman and Beau Day, yet the top step of the podium belonged to Patrick Butler who was sensational.

50cc Auto Round 6 Results:


Season Standings

4 547 JAKE RUMENS 483


65cc 7-10 Years

They continued their  benchmark season into the 65’s as Kayden Minear, not only picked up the round win but another state championship from Seth Clark who secured the second step of the podium and runner up in the series to Minear.  Seth Shackleton would join them on the remaining step of the podium for third for the day.   Patrick Butler, Tate Paganini, Deacon Paice, Taj Moore, Sonny Pellicano, Kai McGinity and Dylan Dixon would battle across the day for a place within the top five


65cc 7-10 Years Round 6 Results:

2 399 SETH CLARK 99

Season Standings

2 399 SETH CLARK 572
3 621 DEACON PAICE 475

65cc 10-12 Years

Myles Gilmore secured the round win finishing (2-1-1) from Liam Atkinson second overall and Brock Flynn third for the final round.  Jake Turner, Finley Maton, Tylar Soloman and Harrison Tapper would fight for the remaining places across the day.  A handful of points split had Atkinson and Gilmore this season and both riders would tally equal points for the year in a tie for the title with Atkinson determined state champions from runner up Gilmore and Brock Flynn third for the series, an outstanding result for three true warriors in the 65cc class that provided simply outstanding and faultless riding across the series.

Round 6 Results:

3 382 BROCK FLYNN 90



Season Standings:

3 382 BROCK FLYNN 478
5 504 JAKE TURNER 462


85/150cc 9-12 Years

Lightening does indeed strike twice, and it can be said that there could be no better result for the rivalry between 65cc and 85cc title chasers Liam Atkinson and Myles Gilmore.  Atkinson took a perfect scorecard (1-1-1) to secure the round win from Gilmore with both riders, unbelievably finishing on equal points in another cracking class title chance.  Atkinson would be deemed the champion from Gilmore with Brock Flynn picking up third for the day and third in the series.

Round 6 Results:

3 382 BROCK FLYNN 90

Season Standings

3 382 BROCK FLYNN 521
5 504 JAKE TURNER 449


85/150cc 12-16 Years

It would be the sweetest victory for round winner, Conan Forrester (2-2-1) from Sam Stephen second and Rhys Burnett third for the day.  Forrester wrapped up the championship from his closest rival Burnett with Sam Stephen’s results solidifying third in the state championship series.  The top three would be pushed across the day with the hard charging Revonn Nieuwoudt and Zack Restifo looking to secure championship points, and after years of heartbreak, injury and plain bad luck, Forrester secured the championship.

Round 6 Results:

2 101 SAM STEPHEN 95


Season Standings

2 311 RHYS BURNETT 515
3 101 SAM STEPHEN 466


100cc-125cc 13-15 Years

He was and is a league all of his own, Regan Duffy secured the round win and another Make Smoking History WAMX State Championship title to his name.  Jacob Daniels would join Duffy on the podium wrapping up not second for the day but second in the championship and Revonn Nieuwoudt third for the round.  Third for the series was Evan Browne, with Revonn Nieuwoudt and Tahlia O’Hare pushing hard across the day with Bevan Barnett.



Round 6 Results:

1 118 REGAN DUFFY 105


Season Standings:

1 118 REGAN DUFFY 578
3 212 EVAN BROWNE 435
5 625 TAHLIA O’HARE 413


100cc-125cc 15 Years

It was the big game stage and Mitch Outram was in the spotlight answering the call with the overall round win (1-1-1) from Kai Stephen who would fight hard for the second step with a (2-3-3) scorecard from Billy Middleton who picked up the remaining step for third.  Outram’s results have him as the 2016 series championship holder from Billy Middleton who picked up second for the season from Kurt Oinn.

Round 6 Results:


Season Standings:

3 96 KURT OINN 494
4 66 SAM BAXTER 468



128cc-150cc/250cc 13-16 Years

Coming into this final round, Billy Middleton had one hand poised on the championship cup with a 50 point lead from Regan Duffy.  Whilst Duffy would rack up the perfect scorecard and the top of the podium (1-1-1), Middleton would join him on the podium (3-2-2) for second and Mitch Outram would secure the remaining step on the podium (2-3-3) for third overall.  Billy Middleton secured the Junior Lites Championship for 2016 with Duffy second and Kurt Oinn third in the series.


Round 6 Results:

1 118 REGAN DUFFY 105


Season Standings:

2 118 REGAN DUFFY 531
3 96 KURT OINN 471
5 54 KAI STEPHEN 417


Another action and drama packed Make Smoking History WAMX Junior State Championship series, with a massive thanks to the six clubs for hosting their rounds, all the riders and families for travelling and racing the length and breadth of WA, and the wonderful officials and volunteers for making it happen.  The end of the year presentations will see the official crowning on Saturday November 5, all the series information can be found at www.wamx.com.au.



WA Champions, Australian Champions and World Champions- the WAMX series has continued to build the foundations for our junior riders to seize their opportunities.


Full class results available on www.mylaps.com

Official photos: www.truespiritphotos.com

Race fans, you do not want to be anywhere other than Hendley Park, Byford for the super huge double block buster for the 6th and final round of the Make Smoking History WAMX State Championships.

It is definitely down to the business end of the season, this final round over Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of September will see champions crowned in ultimate state championship victory.  The Championship series has never been so close and tightly fought, with point up for grabs to decide this year’s title holders.  Some may be in the bag, yet with three races remaining in all classes, it is never over until the final flag fall.

Significant track layout and surface changes have been underway at Hendley Park Byford, giving the hard packed track a more eastern states feel, it is without doubt going to sort many riders out and make this epic final round an absolute hard fought race round.

Lets take a comprehensive look at the Junior field ready to drawn their final battle lines on season 2016 on Saturday September 17th.  For many, their last round in junior racing before moving into senior ranks, and for quite a few, their last race before the AJMX at Renmark in South Australia.

Quads Limited 7-11Years
Nichole McDonnell may have the series lead, however the hard charging Brooke Hollins took a clean sweep of the previous round and is sitting in third in the standings from Kiera-Lily Buckley.  With many of these quad riders ready to tackle the technical and all new Byford layout, the Limited Quads will be out to impress.
Quads Limited 7-11Years Standings After Two Rounds:
1    42    NICHOLE MCDONNELL    195
2    43    KIERA-LILY BUCKLEY    182
3    60    BROOKE HOLLINS    175
4    16    MEA DOWSETT    168
5    94    BRIDIE PEARSE    131

Josh McQuade

Quads Competition 8-12 Years
Series leader Josh McQuade will be keen to cement his championship hopes, yet will need to keep out the inform Keenan Murphy and Azmin Pearse. The top three are within a chance for the title and Deegan Lough will be out to recapture his early round success with Amira Schmid, Harrison Hayes, Zara Porter, Josh Squires and Brooke Hollins all champing at the bit for some solid results.

Quads Competition 8-12 Years Standings After Two Rounds:
1    14    JOSH MCQUADE     207
2    636    KEENAN MURPHY    180
3    88    AZMIN PEARSE    151
4    141    JOSH SQUIRES    150
5    34    DEEGAN LOUGH    143

Quads Blasters 12-16 Years
Series leader Jaae Dowsett will be hard to hold back, Jacob Bosustow and Caelan Campione will need to get their starts on point if they are to make a charge for the title.  Andrew Soltoggio and Flynn Burton hold down fourth and fifth in the season standings.
Quads Blasters 12-16 Years Standings After Two Rounds:
1    37    JAE DOWSETT    210
2    20    JAKOB BOSUSTOW    192
3    10    CAELAN CAMPIONE    170
4    49    ANDREW SOLTOGGIO    169
5    48    FLYNN BURTON    163

Kayden Minear

Kayden Minear
50cc Auto
He has been the standout and series leader Kayden Minear holds a very comfortable 51 point lead heading into this final round.  Patrick Butler, Jake Rumens and Seth Shackleton loom as the big three capable of snaring a victory, with  Ricky Skalecki, Jack Bakker, Connor Wiese ,Tyson Silvestro, Sonny Pellicano and Jai Love all showing some very strong results across the previous rounds, holding them in good stead into this last round at Hendley Park.

Season Standings After 5 Rounds
1    104    KAYDEN MINEAR    471
2    218    PATRICK BUTLER    420
3    547    JAKE RUMENS    399
4    111    SONNY PELLICANO    390
5    665    SETH SHACKLETON    390

65cc 7-10 Years
The benchmark continues in the 65’s for Kayden Minear, the series leader heading into the final round by a mere 18 points from the hard charging Seth Clark, Tate Paganini, Deacon Paice and Seth Shackleton.  The top five have all been brilliant this season, recording mighty results in a star studded field.  You can bet that this class will go down to the final moto for ultimate victory and a champion crowned.  The depth of upcoming talent is huge, Patrick Butler, Taj Moore, Sonny Pellicano, Dylan Dixon and Nate Graham just to name a few to keep a watchful eye on.

Season Standings After 5 Rounds
1    104    KAYDEN MINEAR    491
2    399    SETH CLARK    473
3    520    TATE PAGANINI    396
4    621    DEACON PAICE    395
5    665    SETH SHACKLETON    361

Liam Atkinson

Liam Atkinson holeshot WAMX
65cc 10-12 Years
The rumble in the jungle will conclude in the outstanding race battle between series leader Liam Atkinson and second placed Myles Gilmore.  3 points split them, and has been the order of the series with a scattering of points splitting both of these determined riders.   Behind them it has been a supporting act between Brock Flynn, Tylar Soloman, Harrison Tapper, Jake Turner, Seann Arrowsmith, Isaac Atkins, Finley Maton and Jye Tomerini.  This three race showdown will be sensational at Byford.
Season Standings After 5 Rounds
1    241    LIAM ATKINSON    496
2    699    MYLES GILMORE    493
3    136    TYLAR SOLOMON    399
4    382    BROCK FLYNN    388
5    211    HARRISON TAPPER    379

85/150cc 9-12 Years
Racing a double class has ensured that both the 65cc and 85cc spectators have been the victors with close, tight fierce rivalry and a 9 point split in the title chase between series leader Myles Gilmore and Liam  Atkinson.  They have been the standout and the story of the year.  The battle behind these two for third in the standings will be fought out between Brock Flynn,  Kaj Radcliffe and Jake Turner, yet all eyes will be on the dynamic duo of Gilmore and Atkinson.

Season Standings After 5 Rounds
1    699    MYLES GILMORE    489
2    241    LIAM ATKINSON    480
3    382    BROCK FLYNN    431
4    370    KAJ RADCLIFFE    413
5    504    JAKE TURNER    369

Conan Forrester


85/150cc 12-16 Years
With the top contenders for the championship Brady Gilmore and Corben Weinert both going down with injury within the space of two weeks, the new series leader has three races remaining to seal the win.  The comeback kid Conan Forrester now holds a 26 point lead from the high flying and hard charging Rhys Burnett.  Throw into the mix Christian Silvestro Tyler Mitchell, Sam Stephen, Revonn Nieuwoudt, Kallum Jackman and Liam Darbyshire and this class will be an absolute hot mix of talent ready to shake up the hard packed surfaces at Byford.
Season Standings After 5 Rounds
1    601    CONAN FORRESTER    448
2    311    RHYS BURNETT    422
3    29    BRADY GILMORE    390
4    101    SAM STEPHEN    371
5    14    CORBEN WEINERT    356

Regan Duffy

100cc-125cc 13-15 Years
He has one hand on the title, but make no mistake he won’t be taking it easy, with a 54 point lead Regan Duffy will be out to secure every possible race win.  With Corben Weinert and Brady Gilmore absent through injury,  the quiet achiever, Jacob Daniels moved into second in the series behind Duffy.  Evan Browne, Christian Silvestro,  Revonn Nieuwoudt and Tahlia O’Hare will be the threats to keep everyone on their A Game, with starts critical at Byford.
Season Standings After 5 Rounds
1    118    REGAN DUFFY    473
2    220    JACOB DANIELS    419
3    14    CORBEN WEINERT    362
4    212    EVAN BROWNE    351
5    616    REVONN NIEUWOUDT    345

Billy Middleton

100cc-125cc 15 Years
With a second place at the previous round, this moved Mitch Outram into the series lead by 16 points from second placed Billy Middleton who took the round win.  It will be another exciting three moto dash for maximum points with riders vying for the points including Kurt Oinn,  Austin Ridley and Sam Baxter.
Season Standings After 5 Rounds
1    62    MITCHELL OUTRAM    497
2    61    BILLY MIDDLETON    481
3    96    KURT OINN    412
4    65    AUSTIN RIDLEY    393
5    66    SAM BAXTER    384

128cc-150cc/250cc 13-16 Years

50 points split series leader Billy Middleton from round 5 podium winner Regan Duffy.  Kurt Oinn holds third in the standing yet Mitchell Outram and Kai Stephen were in top form and carry momentum heading into this last round, before heading to South Australia and the Australian Junior MX Championships.  Riders with an opportunity to secure a final round points chase down include Nick Williamson, Tahlia O’Hare, Nathan Rodgers, Liam Ford and Joe Di Guilio.

Season Standings After 5 Rounds
1    61    BILLY MIDDLETON    476
2    118    REGAN DUFFY    426
3    96    KURT OINN    398
4    62    MITCHELL OUTRAM    340
5    54    KAI STEPHEN    333

Whilst various classes look to be locked up and decided, it is never over until the final flag fall.  Round 6 is a massive double header of juniors and seniors on September 17th and 18th, the Lightweight Motorcycle Club will be the destination for Western Australia’s top motocross riders all vying for championship glory.

WA Champions, Australian Champions and World Champions- the WAMX series has continued to build the foundations for our junior riders to seize their opportunities.
Host Club: Lightweight Motorcycle Club
Contact Information:  http://www.lightweightmcc.com.au/

Where: Hendley Park South West Hwy Whitby (Byford)

When: Saturday September 17th

Full class results available on www.mylaps.com
More details: www.wamx.com.au
Official photos: www.truespiritphotos.com



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